Veronica Jett

Veronica Jett was born in the state of Georgia, USA, and its rare features come out with a strong Syrian heritage. Not many Syrian bred porn stars have graced the XXX screen for the fans, and if the Syrian women are something like Veronica, especially porn fans would love to see more of them! Ms. Jett was born under the astrological sign of Cancer. She is 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs only 92 pounds, placing her firmly in the petite category.
Her body measurements are 34B-24-34 and tight zeheeft big brown eyes that her short brunette complement her beautiful. Her tattoos are a heart on the right side of her pubic region, a star on the left, a large green design above her right buttock, the names "Norma / Jean" at the top of her left wrist, and a fairy wearing a bikini at the top of her right foot. She has a small tattoo behind her right ear and a piercing on hernavel. Veronica used to have pierced nipples but so many newer artists came on stage who had nipple piercings, so she removed her rings. Some people also say she pierced her left nostril, but she says in an interview that it is a common mistake and it's actually a birthmark.
Veronica moved to California in early 2004 and worked for an architect at the time. Her roommate was in the porn industry, and if the timinggood as it was, she decided to try to fuck on film if they had what it takes to become popular enough to ditch her job and do it full time. When she first began working in erotic films, Veronica was often cast as a Latina because of her olive skin and dark hair. The 2004 film called "Border Hoppers 2" from Anarchy Films isbewijs of. She certainly has the look of a girl descended from South or Central American parents, socasting is actually a good match. There are not many porn viewers are going to want the direct line of female performers know after all. Several more films in the genre include her in their cast list throughout her career and her petite frame, she did many teen genre films and although they twenties already at the start.
One of her early films wildest called "Pink Eye 7", which was distributed by Notorious. Each scene has a blowjob ending with a facecum landing directly in the eyes of the female artist. Veronica is in scene two with costar Rob Fontana and she was glad she had her wear her glasses in the film. When asked in an interview if they do facials at home or simply she replied taking in movies, "I have a boyfriend that I sleep with every night. It's not zoalsHij is at home busting a load on my face behind me around the house." That proves Veronica's the kind of girl who preparedto go the extra mile for her fans, to do things on the popular movie that she normally would not get in her own personal life.
Facials are not the only thing she does on camera that they do not really carry out. Anal sex is one of those sexual acts she performs exclusively for fans. Anal Movies are an important genre of porn and Veronica has many of them, including the 2005 release "Anal Authority" by NewSensations which was directed by Mark Ashley done. Veronica Mark in pairs with scene number of five to begin the film with a deep throat blowjob and followed by a number of playing inhaar ass with a dildo in the run up to the anal screw and the final conclusion. The sex is very hot and even a casual viewer can see that Veronica is serious in it and loving every moment. Not just a performer who goes through the motions, she really enjoys being fucked and it comes through ineach performance.
Veronica scored the cover shot for the release of "ATM Guzzlers" by Hustler and directed by Jerome Tanner 2008. The film is in the ass to mouth genre, so it is more performing anal sex and this time she gets two male costars. Her scene is the fourth and its partners are Alec Knight and Evan Stone who find Veronica with a big purple dildo in her cunt and a pink vibrator in her ass. They decide that they can over that and continuefuck her in the mouth, kuten ass. She is a dirty talker that contributes to the intensity scenes and the action includes some ass rimming for good measure. Ending in a double facial cumshot she eagerly licks and swallows put a cap on a great scene and probably why they got the video cover shot.
In 2008 Veronica was nominated for a total of four AVN Awards. Best Anal Sex Scene for her performance with Tommy Pistol in "AvenueX ", best supporting actress for" Nowhere Angels ", and the Unsung Starlet of the Year award. Her hot performance in the movie called" Blow It Out Your Ass 2 "from Elegant Angel, which was directed by William H. garnered her a part of the most Outrageous Sex scene nomination said with costars Sierra Sinn and Brian Surewood.Zij which Surewood is working one of her favorite artists with which probably helped make the scene isrecognition. Veronica continues to work for some of the top studios in the adult film industry and has worked as a talent scout for at least one modeling agency.
Veronica Jett is also known by the aliases Amanda Veronica Jet, Charm, Angela and sometimes just like Veronica. What name is her name, she is a dirty talk sexy petite brunette will do things on film that can even make a diehard porn lover blush. A porn star who has her finger on the pulseits wide variety of fans and fill roles and that is exactly what they want every time they will deliver run.
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