Vanessa Lane

Born in New York in 1983, porn performer Vanessa Lane has long hair and playful big beautiful green eyes, which add to her sexual allure. She grew up with four brothers in a conservative household, where could be played only Christian and country music.
They lived a modest life in the country. Her parents were attentive, supportive and encouraged her participation in school activities such as choir, theater and sports. Early on, Vanessa leek to be outexcel in sports. She was very athletic chen kept her body in shape by playing various sports such as wrestling, track, cross country, and they even tried to cheer-leading for a year.
Vanessa Lane knew everyone in her neighborhood and had many friends. Growing up in the country, there was not much to do to keep them busy rolling down hills in tires and barrels in the summer and they make snow forts in the winter.
was the trampoline in their backyarda popular meeting place for everyone in the buurt.Vanessa would also go hiking, where they make mud sculptures and play dodge crab-apples.
Lane had so much fun that she had little time to do her homework. She began to develop a rebellious side, so her parents sent her to live with her grandmother. Life in the house of her grandmother was not so nice, so she decided it would be best to get a job out of the housefind. She left quickly from school and started working at McDonalds. Imagine a sexy whore alsVanessa Lane asking if you want fries with that?!
In addition to her rebellious side, they also discovered that she had a naughty sexual side. After getting her first kiss, she wanted more. Vanessa practiced kissing with everyone every day prepared, was male or female, until she got very good at it. The more they practice, the hotter they would get. For a long time, she would use her fingersto pleasure herself, but she was brave enough and discovered zeecht enjoyed playing with men and sometimes women in hardcore sexual scenarios.
Lane decided to move to Myrtle Beach and became an exotic dancer, working on the East Coast and the Gulf Coast. After dancing her first night, she swore to herself that she would never work in a restaurant, because she was a talented stripper and the money was so much better. She enjoyed on stage, with hotlights and hearing the Spin DJ music just for her. She lived to dance and did liven easy, not to mention that they have more money than she had ever seen made. Vanessa Lane and her cousin had great time dancing together as they made their way to the West Coast.
Dancing was Vanessa Lane's first XXX passion, but when she met Alexis Amore as a fellow stripper and was soon introduced to the world of porn in 2004 at age 20. AlexisAmore introduced her around her waist and turned quickly into a remarkable race career that Vanessa was ranked as a top ten slut many fanlijsten.
Vanessa Lane's first film was Rod Fontana and Doghouse Digital. She enjoyed her experience at the camera. She also realized that she liked it even more than dancing on stage. She loved porn, not just for the money, but the fact that they can have as much sex as they wanted, while every weekmeet exciting new people. They found that the people she met in the porn industry were fun, outgoing and very open-minded people, making them almost the exact opposite gedaanvan what she was used to back home.
Vanessa Lane is found in more than 300 titles for many top adult companies. Some of its most popular titles are "All She Wants and More", "Tied Up", "Big Tease," "Circus""Dementia", "Girls Gone Skiing" hidden desires "" Sodom "and" Lexie and Monique Love Rocco. "She loves double penetration, ass to mouth, deepthroating and lesbischegangbangs while fans appreciate the rare flexibility they show - often prolonged doing a complete break with both legs, while a guy fucks her or having fucked her ass while holding a full-nelson neck!
She has workedfor Lucky Devil Movies, Jill Kelly Productions, Platinum X Pictures, VCA, Anarchy, Pink Visual, Adam and Eve, Wicked Pictures and many others. Displaying an aggressive hardcore style and insatiable appetite for sex that includes getting fucked in many places such as locker rooms, car lots, restaurants, the beach and elsewhere to save her sexual urges.
Vanessa has her look changed several times and to approve its fans seem good hair changes. She feelsthey are getting better, more experienced and more comfortable on camera as she continues to perform. Her background in sports and gymnastics is a great asset in her porn career, challenging in every scene she shoots.
With her earnings, Vanessa Lane reportedly bought her first house, paid off her car and invested in her teeth done by getting dental work to develop her look. She also learned about how to promote themselves online, where hermany fans exclusive hardcore photos, photo galleries, movie galleries, bonus feeds and videos to view on-demand presentation of its performance. She calls herself a bad girl who likes to experiment with both men and women - and you can proof of its claims in many Vanessa Lane free porn tube videos shown here Askjolenevandaag!
According to reports online, Vanessa has put her brother, who is an artist, through college and helped herparents house where she grew up to solve. She sets goals for herself and wants to keep growing as a person. That is why they still want to study and become an active investor in real estate.
Like many female adult performers, Vanessa Lane would like to eventually become a mainstream actress. In porn she has already received several adult industry award nominations. she was nominated in 2006 for Best All-Girl Sex Scenefor "Vault of Whores," Best New Starlet and Best Group Sex Scene for "Lexie and Monique Love Rocco" at the AVN Awards. In 2008, AVN her with another nomination for Best Anal Sex Scene, Vide for "Flesh Hunter 9." She appeared on the mainstream view Dr. 90210 E! and wanted Dr. Robert Rey her saline implants with silicone implants replaced, but the operation was postponed and latergeannuleerd.
Vanessa Lane is still veryactive and athletic with a fervent kickboxing and cross-training regimen that Pilates and yoga to keep her body vibrant and flexible. When she is not working, she likes to stay at home with her pet and loves watching football on television. Fans undoubtedly prefer watching Vanessa Lane and her two piercings in her navy and her clitoris. See Vanessa Lane to free videos now Askjolene!

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