Vanessa Blue

Vanessa Blue is a bodacious black pornstar with bit tits and a winning smile. She was born in Long Beach, California, but grew up in Beaumont, Texas, where everything is bigger in the oil wells to oiled tits. Her constellation Gemini and she is 5 feet, 3 inches tall measuring and amazing all natural 36FF-28-38, while weighing only 121 pounds.
Growing up, Vanessa Blue was not allowed to play with others outside because she was very overprotectiveparents. As a result, zewerd an introverted and had friends not easy in her school years. She was not the social and to this day, she is uncomfortable in a group where they get to interact with a large crowd of people or groups. In its early years, Vanessa Blue moved much, but according to a report published online, is exposed to sexual content when she was eighteen, because as she said, she found a stash that the biggest porn collection Vanessa Bluethey contained had ever seen while at the home of her grandparents.
She saw models really enjoy sex and thought she would like to do. At 18 years old, Vanessa Blue had a body that has become a full D cup. She dated men of all racial backgrounds and enjoy the people they are in, rather than how they look on the outside. She is attracted to men who are leaders with a type-A personalities, but not angry oraggressive. Vanessa Blue studied for a medical technician and worked in the field for a short time, but the daily grind started to get boring for her.
Tired of her office work, Vanessa began dancing in a tiny bikini club in Orange County on a car from a friend. That's where she started meeting new people and began to open up to the charming personality she is now known to reveal among its loyal fans.
She also started becoming more comfortablewith her body and begin to feel more confident start talking to people. She befriended pornosterrenof traveled through the city and made feature appearances in the club. Soon Vanessa Blue began dancing at other clubs and finally began stripping completely naked. She then moved to fetish modeling and eventually began performing in various XXX hardcore porn videos.
It was during this time that she began to learn more about themselves as awoman. Stripping helped boost her confidence and accept it also taught her how to prevent rejection. Her first time in front of the camera was a movie called "Black Snatch." Her second was "Dirty Debutantes # 61 Ed Powers." Jake Steed was the first man she ever worked with and once producers and fans saw her on film, there was no chance this beautiful diva ever again rejected by everyone.
Vanessa Blue made her first feature film titled"Dark Confessions" for Adam and Eve. Her second feature was Adam and Eve's "Taking Memphis" with Alana Evans and Alexis Silver. However, at 22, just as her career was heating up, Vanessa Blue met a man and the two began dating. They moved to Nebraska and together they began stripping at a club there while withdrawing movies completely. Her family did not agree with him, and in interviews Vanessa indicated it may have been because he was whitewas, but she never cared about opinions of someone else and did exactly what she wanted.
After a few years she became bored with the feature dancer life in Nebraska. She tried methaar enlarged breasts and did other work, but it did not seem to carry the spark reignite her. They also broke with the man she dated through most of that time, because things do not work out as she had expected, and that's when she decided to return to California toend of 1999 to the porn career she began three years before resuming.
She dabbled in the porn industry for a while and then Vanessa Blue moved to Las Vegas to dance in nightclubs there, using her fame to pornstar amplifier excitement for her live shows. Then 9/11 happened and the business went down dramatically. Vanessa Blue decided she needed to learn another skill, so they turned to computers hoping to teach themselveshow to build their own website. It was a challenge, but eventually a website she was happy with developed and quickly became popular. It was not very high tech, but back in the day it was good enough and it was one of the few places where you could see fucked this beautiful African-American slut getting online.
Besides performing, there was one thing Vanessa Blue always wanted to do and that was to direct porn, recreating what they do not remember growing up.She began directing under the name Domina X and worked for companies like DVSX and Adam and Eve. They also signed a steering contract for Hustler to develop a new series focused on interracial hardcore dominant immigrant women. The series featured black men who have sex metblanke women.
When Mrs. Blue began working for Mercenary Pictures in 2004 and even directed several series for the company. A series called "Black Reign", whichAVN Award 2005 for Best Ethnic-Themed Series. The owner of Mercenary Pictures Lexington Steele was, he and Vanessa Blue soon engaged to be married, but the relationship did not last long. Ended in a maelstrom of angry lawsuits against each other over property rights issue of multiple videos diever shone under Mercenary Pictures banner.
In 2008, Vanessa got her groove and won an Urban X Award for Videography, while in the Urban XHall of fame to be admitted in 2009. Since then, Vanessa Blue has hosted her own radio show on Playboy Radio called "private conversations" and for a short time when they co-hosted a KSEX performance together with her ex-fiance © Lexington Steele. In 2009, Lexington Steele and Vanessa Blue settled their lawsuits and cases were ontslagenhet end of a very long and bitter period of her life.
The following year, Vanessa Blue wasEbony nominated for Performer of the Year by XBIZ and she was also romantically linked to porn advocaat Michael Fattorosi. In April 2010 to distribute a partnership they entered with Justin Slayer International in its tracks. Her first release was "V is for Vanessa." She wanted to make this video for her fans and featured three anal scenes, three group matches scenes, three solo scenes and double penetration - quite a slate of sex for anew series.
Along with her films and website, they also engaged in a number of mainstream projects and has shot a video clip, to break into the heap in that arena of entertainment too. However, no matter what else Vanessa Blue does in her exciting life, fans will always see her as a porn star in the first place. After years of being unable to find her movies online because of her sudden retirement and history of lawsuits, it is fantasticeindelijkin able to get all of the best Vanessa Blue pornotube titles here at Askjolene with more than twenty-five scenes been included in a growing archive that celebrates one of the largest ebony XXX performers of all time.

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