Tia Tanaka

Tia Tanaka is an Asian pornstar and nude model who was born in the Philippines in March 1987. She is of French and Vietnamese descent. She has black hair, weighs just under 100 pounds and is 5 feet, 2 inches lang.Haar Measurements 34B-23-35. Although her mother speaks both French and Vietnamese, Tia Tanaka speaks only Vietnamese.
Tanaka's name was actually given to her by Ed Powers. Tanaka is the name of a famous sumo wrestler. She has several tattoos on herbody including a large dragon on her back, three diamonds on its abs, the letter "S" on her left hip and other tattoo with a flower design on her right thigh.
Tia Tanaka and her mother came to the United States when she wasoud one year. Her father was not with them because he was in the army and he had another family that her mother knew about. Her family moved around a lot when they lived in the US They arrived in New York and later moved to LongBeach, California, where she attended elementary school. She later went to a high school in Los Angeles.
The move to California Tia Tanaka excited because she was always fascinated by the glitter and glamor of Hollywood. After several years, three siblings were added to the familie.Opgroeien, she was an overachiever and had the best school. Her mother raised her the best in everything she did. She hated that at first, but has learned to beappreciate as they got older. Because Tia Tanaka's mother had a very traditional and conservative family, she wanted her daughter to all that was experienced by life. Her mother wanted her to be more American and take advantage of all the opportunities that never had her mother.
In its early years, zehad not much freedom and could not do much. She was only allowed to have one friend over at a time. They became really good friends with a girlfriend andThe two shared their first lesbian experience together. She entered the porn industry 18 years old when a friend from high school named Kitty, who in the company, would talk constantly about the industry and how they should try. Her friend made it sound exciting, but Tia Tanaka was not sure. She decided to springenin with the intentions of making some money, but the more they run, the more she liked it heerlijk.Een another reason why they chose the pornInstead of mainstream acting was because they would get paid for being with other women. Her favorite female artist is Charmane Star.Ze has also done a lot of hardcore POV squirt, BDSM, and orgy gangbang films.Haar first scene was a group sex scene starring three male porn star and a female porn star Chico and Diabolic. It was her first time with so many guys at once.
She was a little nervous at first, but everyonemade it fun and told her she was a natuurtalent.Tia Tanaka starred in hardcore 150 XXX movies, including "No Swallowing Allowed," "Teacher's Pet" and other videos for Hustler, Red Light District, New Sensations and has anderen.Ze various male porn stars she enjoys working including Steve Holmes.
Tia Tanaka remembers doing a scene with him and the production crew found it funny that he sobig dick and she is so small. In fact, his cock was bigger than her middel.Zij was intimidated at first, but when she felt he had sex with it and they really enjoyed it. Tia Tanaka is one of those people who believes that size does not belang.Tia Tanaka's mother knows what she does for a living, but if they do find out that she hopes her mother proud that they are not on street will feel and they take care of themselves.
She goes to collegeand porn helps pay. In college she studies psychology. She is fascinated by the human brains and have already neurotransmitters.Ze worked with several photographers and all her photo sets and she loves getting her picture taken. Tia Tanaka enjoys working with people who have great minds, great ideas and good intentions. In the future she would like to be financially and emotionally successful.
She never intended to be the best in theporn industry but she does believe in doing the best they can. She is not going to outshining everyone and make everyone give something, which every person is special and unique. Tia Tanaka is inspired by her fans, who constantly send her sweet emails. She appreciates her fans for their support and feels feel good that there are so many people who get pleasure watching her.
Tia Tanaka focused for so many scenes her energy to gain if they couldDuring the first years of her porn career, but in 2010, she began to slow performing to focus on glamor modeling for publications and websites. TiaTanaka describes himself as a pretty boring person and enjoys hanging out in the bars near the beach with her friends. She also likes to have you home, where she plays video games.
Her favorite sexual position spooning, but she also likes fucked from behind while she's on herhands and knees. The most unique place Tia Tanaka has had sex was on a playground slide at night when she was caught by a neighbor and reprimanded. When she is not working, Tia Tanaka enjoys reading new boekendat her shackles and she also loves watching movies. The reason that they like so much to read that they like to do as much and imagine that they are someone else, living in a different environment. Her favorite color is black and her favorite food is pho, which is aAsian noodle dish.

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