Tanner Mayes

Tanner Mayes is a sexy pornstar with dark, exotic features that complement her alluring personality. Born in 1989, she comes from the small town of Adrian, Michigan, and is one of the few porn stars true Costa Rican descent. She is five feet, six inches tall and weighs a little over a hundred pounds.
Growing up, was the subject of sex completely taboo. She describes herself as goofy, but intelligent at the time of her life - with a strong need ofto excel in what they do TreeIt point often called stubborn. More than anything else, Tanner wanted to become internationally known. That is the main reason Tanner Mayes joined the adult industry member at the age of 18 and is present in more than 140 XXX movie titles for companies such as New Sensations, Voyeur Media, Lethal Hardcore and 3rd Degree Films since.
Tanner experimented with different names for choosing her famous nickname. She has also performedunder the names Tanner Mayberry, Evangeline enverscheidene other spellings such as Tanner Mays. Tanner Mayes was introduced to pornography by one of her best friends in real life, Missy Mae, while she lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and worked as a legal assistant at a law firm. She was also attending college at the time.
She soon found herself sitting in the waiting room of a porn agency, trying to see if porn was a good fit.Because she was very sexually active with men, Tanner Mayes welcomed the idea eenpornstar and decided to leave the firm in pursuit of the statute celbrity she always wanted to make. She worked in porn for about six months in Florida with several smaller studios before moving to California and getting into big budget XXX studio work.
Because sex was like growing up the forbidden fruit, Tanner Mayes kept her sex life a secret forvery long time. Then she began to fuck on camera and exposing her sexuality on camera felt strange, but oh so very good at the same time. Zeontwikkelde too much of her own tricks to prevent people back home 'of figuring out that she had become a deliberate XXX porn slut. Her favorite sex position is laying on her stomach, legs together flat on the bed while a guy fucks her deeply. She explained that the position makes sense any dickbigger and she loves a big fat cock best of all! But even more than fucking, licking her favorite sexual act is a costar's scrotum. She feels it's hot and sexy, especially when shaven hijnet. She loves licking stubble.
Some of the strange things Tanner said during her interviews legendary within the porn industry. For example, she once said: "I do not think I'm bisexual, but when I masturbate, I tend to cum fasterthinking about other women. "You can take hours considering that the declaration of the presumably heterosexual Ms. Mayes without figuring out his puzzle-like qualities. Fortunately, you can watch her getting fucked opfilm for free here at Askjolene instead!
Tanner sees herself as a porn starlet and during her time sex on film, her choices are much more about pleasing her fans than pleasing herself. She's nasty and dirty sexual actsand group sex scenes with women, although she claims she was dating a woman in her personal life. She also likes to masturbate, especially when they are alone or have a lot on her mind, because she believes that orgasms take her more intellectual clarity. The porn industry has made possible Tanner Mayes to her sexual fantasies, having sex with a married man to perform. Mayes recently a new personal goal oftrying new things and creating her full fist as part of a couple fetish videos where they can be seen fisting female porn stars which she enjoyed because she loves sucking sensation on her hand and wrist. For Tanner Mayes is a cute scene based on originality. She loves to be creative enzoekt in her scenes. She feels it's easier if both performers share the same fantasy. Tanner Mayes would like to work withTori Black, Kagney Linn Karter and maybe Lexington Steele.
Tanner Mayes feels in the porn industry has paid off a significant achievement and her hardcore work. She has been nominated for many awards including Best Three-Way Sex Scene AVN in Erik Everhard and Jules Jordan's "Jailbait 6" and the besteAll "" Girl Group Scene award for Anabolic Digital "Girgasmic 2."
She also won the award that important to hermost, the 2010 XBIZ Award for Best New Starlet of the Year People's Choice which includes many fans vote. She also won awards for Best Newcomer and Starlet of the Year from other presenters, making them popular with people inside and outside the porn industry at the same time.
In late 2009, Tanner Mayes with Whack Magazine write a series of articles for a column named Tanner Mayes' aDICKtion, where she writes about her life in porn. They enjoy it,because she has a passion for writing and has always been a publicist or journalist later in life. In early 2011, Tanner Mayes took some time off from porn, but at the summer time, she was back and ready for action. She played in her first anal sex video, a game title for Immoral Productions called "Squirtamania 17."
In her private life, Tanner Mayes feels that sex is more exciting because it is unexpected. No matter how wild porngets, she always knows exactly when it will happen and what's coming next - so she claims that her personal life is far more extreme than what she did on film until now. Tanner loves sex in public places and they ever had sex on a water tower overlooking a busy park.
They also watching porn, something they never enter the industry did - but she believes she can only by looking to focus in her box fucked for himself andbe honest about her performances as a way to improve their sexual abilities.
Tanner Mayes and her mother are very close and after many years, her mother supports her porn career. Her tattoo on her left hip really says it all: "Love me some." These words have a special meaning for her because she does not like drama in her life. She just wants people who love her. She also has a tattoo of the Chinese symbolfor "Dangerous", "cold", "moderate" and "overcome" on her right shoulder and "faith" on her left wrist.
Tanner Mayes loves fashion and reportedly spends much of her income on her wardrobe, because she believes in public only once or twice wearing clothes. She thinks wearing the same dress is boring for her, changing clothes is the spice of life. When she got home, TannerMayes prefers not to wear underwear, maarals she does, she does full back bikini styles, they will cover with a T-shirt. She does not lace underwear because she believes it to be "girlie."
According to reports published online, Tanner Mayes' favorite celebrity Miley Cyrus of Hannah Montana fame because they feel that they have a "tough cookie" with a great sense of fashion. In addition to Miley Cyrus, other people who have inspired herher mother and grandmother. After her porn career, Tanner Mayes believe they will be successful in what they eventually do because she excels at everything that interests her. Although we are not sure where it will be, we all do agree that she excels at everything she tried on the camera. Fuck, suck, play kinky fetish and much more - see for yourself the amazing Askjolene Tanner Mayes free porn tube video collection right now!

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