Sindee Coxx

Sindee Coxx is a white American porn star who was born in Long Island, New York. She has blonde hair and green eyes and is a cancer according to astrology. She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 123 pounds. Her body dimensions are measured by 36C-24-35 and she had a breast augmentation surgery to attain that size. She has several tattoos on her body, including one that is a big flower design on her left shoulder blade and another partialring around her left arm withthe name "Hayden" written above it. Her only piercings are at her ears. Ms. Coxx does have some alias names including Sindee Cox, Sindee Coxxx, Sindy Cox, Cindy and Sindy Coxx. All correct common misspellings her stage name. Growing up she had no siblings, and not doing well in school, to finally drop out of high school.
One of her first jobs was working on her high school years as a typesetter foran offset printing press in its hometown of Long Island. Dong Veer remain eight years in that job, she then moved with her new husband to Southern California, where she planned to pursue a career in adult entertainment. Her first job was in a topless bar in Orange County and from there she made some contacts and eventually appeared in her first film in 1994, when she was in her mid-twenties. One of her first gigs was in a moviecalled "Butt Hunt 3" Leisure Time Entertainment, which was directed by Rex Cabo in 1994. Its credit in oxide film is Cindy and she only appears naked with another woman. "Alice's Adventures in Anal Land" was another of her debut year releases. It was made by Sin City and directed by Henry Spencer features Sindee in a lesbian scene with Dominique Bouche.
Sindee was considered a slow starter in adult filmsdue to its first limit on who they are willing to have sex with wax. The restricted to only female partners meant they would get less work for less loon.Terwijl she starts in porn she went to work with her husband, but not too long she loosened her restraints and began performing with men. This allowed her to focus 100% of her energy on her new career and actually earn enough money to make it worthwhile. she tookalso a pair of non-sexual roles in more fetish related productions. One example was "Star Chandler's Fantasy Gallery", which was produced by Harmony Concepts in 1995. "Secret Games" by Ben D Pleasures and "Prisoner of Payne" Nitro Productions are more examples of its non-sex BDSM style performances of the beginning of her career.
In 1996 Ms. Coxx was finally beginning to enjoy a cock in her sex scenes. The film"Allure" by Wicked whose direction of Jim Enright is one of the first. It is a film and in the second scene, Jonathan Morgan with a bleached blonde Sindee in his office. She stands on his desk and spreads her legs for him and he wastes no time in diving into her pussy tongue first. After a good licking cunt she returns the oral favor by sucking his dick and doing a darn good job of it too. Then she picks get hold of the desk and he urges herwet cunt from behind, fucking hard and fast at times. They work through a few more positions before joining her stomach takes cumshot. Some of her fans would have been surprised that they started fucking men in her films at this point, since the first two solid years of her career were only girls or solo.
The 1997 XRCO awards were a surprise for Sindee, as they were awarded their Unsung Siren price. According to the organization, Ms. Coxx has a strong overall performerwhich are perhaps underutilized and under acknowledged been for her good performance. In her personal life Sindee was as busy as ever in this time when she was divorced from her first husband and get out on her own. In May of 2000 is zijgetrouwde AVN Hall of Fame Barry Wood cameraman with whom she had started a relationship. To settle her personal life, Sindee was able to focus more on her career and appeared in 2001 in the movie "Where the Girls Sweat5. "She appeared in episode four of the series for several years, but its performance in this one with Chloe, and Felecia Taylor St. Claire earned her an AVN Award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene.
In her time away from the camera, Sindee is a regular girl who takes care of her husband and her home, and also seeks some hobbies too. One of the things they like to do is to collect interesting pieces of paper and packaging, and then makes themcollages of them. Besides her interest in arts and crafts she's totally in love with cooking and baking especially because her husband is a willing taste tester for all its creations. Although not winning a professional in the kitchen by any means, she could definitely a few games as they hadtijd to implement them. All her hard work at home would come in handy, because in December 2003 that she was pregnant for the first time. Her new family has understandably growing largelyher time recorded during this period so there are so many new releases were for her. Immediately after the announcement, she and her husband took off for a long-delayed honeymoon in England where the place they wanted to visit was for a long time.
Sindee Coxx has appeared in over 500 film during its long and productive career in adult films. One film directed called "Ranch House Lust" and it was released in 2004, but itsleadership abilities always paled in comparison to her raw passion on screen to give fans what we all most want to see. Enjoy it all on Askjolene!

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