Shy Love

Shy Love is not a typical pornstar. Besides being one of the best female performers in XXX, she is also a successful businesswoman who has made a name for himself as a director, producer and talent manager and fuckable movie whore. Shy Love was born in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1978. Her father was in the US Army and was stationed in the country at the time. She is of Italian and Puerto Rican descent. In the late 1980s, her family, which included six sister,was transferred to Newhaven, Connecticut, where Shy Love grew. They also lived in Florida and Los Angeles for a long time.
Shy Love believes that the majority of people are not born leaders, but the leaders of their own life experiences. Growing up, she spent much time working in a store her family business and learned the business side of things, while the store made money. She describes herself as a nerd in school. She went to universitystudy and received a Bachelors Degree inboekhouding with two Master Degrees according to published reports online. Accounting gave her the knowledge to save and invest money, so they quickly turn her fuck pornstar fees for appearances in enough of a bankroll to make waves on the executive side of the industry.
In 2003, Shy got breast implants and moved to Los Angeles, leaving an accounting career to acareer as an adult magazine model, which quickly turned into a lucrative search porn career. She was member in porn industry because they get bored with her life, but once they part of porn they saw was a lot of opportunities to succeed and make big money. From day one, she took charge of her own career and represented itself in all its actions. She had a plan and a vision. Shy Love wanted to produce and direct while building contactsneeded to become a real power player in the skin biz. Many people said they would not be successful, but they wanted to make a name for themselves and volgehoudentotdat it all came true.
According to interviews, Shy Love believes that while it's great to be beautiful, sexy and smart, you think like a man to succeed. In 2003 she started her own production company called "Productions Shy Love's." Her first three contract girls were BrookeHaven, Nadia Styles and Jenna Presley. The first title film released under her new brand "That 70's Ho", a parody of the famous network television sitcom That '70s Show.De second film was called "Vicious Girls Gone Bad" and continued to fuck a more conventional script less gonzo format.
Ms. Love is seen in more than 350 job titles and directed 17 films. She has worked for big names such as Vivid, Pure Play, Wicked, Playboy, RedLight District, Hustler and others. She has also been interviewed on mainstream shows like Entertainment Tonight and Extra, representing itself and the industry in a positive light.
In 2007, Shy Lovelanceerde her own adult talent agency called Adult Talent Managers, seems to be a tongue-in-cheek porn reference, because the initials are ATMs that is often used to describe the ass to mouth blowjob genre of filth. Ironically, Shy hasstated that they actually started ATM because they felt that female porn stars were not getting the respect they deserved or career of their male officers. She claimed she wanted to help the girls better performers, while they roll diewaren better better suited to their specific talents. Over the years the ATM agency has signed some big names, including Krystal Steal, Memphis Monroe, Lisa Daniels and many other top porn stars. itsagency also represents gay talent because she felt gay porn stars were also underserved.
When Shy Love directs movies, they feel that they have a different perspective than other female directors. It focuses on the things they sexually attracted to and knows what she wants. Shy gezegddie she makes a conscious effort to express the position of both sexes in every scene. They also find that as a porn star making her a better driver because she is able toscene to see from both positions with a keen insight into exactly what goes through the head of a model as a costar fucks her ass or drains his balls in her mouth with a huge cumshot worth swallowing the camera keeps rolling.
In several interviews Shy Love has spoken about having different personalities when it comes to the camera with respect to her personal life at home. When it comes to her personal life, she loves playing withother girls and threesomes often. She also enjoys having sex if she feels the love and passion of a partner who is deeply in love with her. At home, she likes the guy to take control and show her who's boss. However, porn sets where she gets fucked for a fee and working with strangers, she enjoys being in complete regulating situation and dominate her costars.
Ms. Love rather not date anyone in the porn industry,because they do not want to mix business with pleasure. She works with many people and they do not want these relationships by being personally involved risk. She wants a man who has other interests besides porn.
In 2008, Shy Love opened her own nightclub called Pure 13 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Pornstar Katie Morgan co-hosted the grand opening party methaar and the club received a lot of local publicity. If they are not busy, Shy enjoys watching television, barbecuing in itsbackyard, swimming in her pool or relax in the sun while reading a book. She is also a big fan of motorcycles and loves to race or ride with them.
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