Shay Fox

Shay Fox is a porn star who was born and raised in California, USA. She's an Aquarius and she has black hair and deep blue eyes. She stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs about 132 pounds. Her body measurements 36DDD-25-36 and she does have breasts that are enhanced with implants to make them bigger. She has several tattoos, including her back, her left hand, right forearm, left wrist, left foot and right foot. Her body piercings are her nose ather left wrist, and on her back. She has had a piercing above her cunt, but has been removed. Ms. Fox is known by only a few misspellings Shay Foxx and Shey Fox are.
Prior to entering the porn industry worked in 2010, Shay was a hairdresser and makeup artist for more than a decade. She is also a former fitness model who has appeared in fitness and other magazines. Her first job was working as a hostess in a local Southern Californiacoffee shop. One day toenze sitting with her boyfriend, pornstar Devon Michaels, Shay said she would like to try working in a porn movie someday. Devon sent a text message and the inside of a week, Shay was shooting her first porn scene.
Her first film appearance was in "My Friend's Hot Mom 23" Naughty America. She is in the first scene of the film with costar Michael Vegas. He looks through his list of chores when she arrives home and hetrying to get to come to work omuit a way. She is dressed in a purple dress and she decides to give him some incentive by grabbing his dick. Then she squats down and sucks on his dick where it all deep in her throat in the process. They go to the bank where Michael licks her pussy and then fucks her in various positions before cumming on her face. She licks his dick clean after the meeting and who knows if the chores have ever done.
AOther early film work of Ms Foxis in the film "Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 16" Girlfriends Films directed by Dan O'Connell. Her scene is again the first but this time her partner is the beautiful Keira Kelly a blonde who Shay began her career just a few months. They are on a bed touching each other and kissing and getting to know each other better. They whip out their tits and as usual partner Shay is not enoughgetting her big beautiful tits and always difficult to get nipples. They are also fingering each other and licking her friends Shay cunt before they exchange. The two ladies with their pussies together and do some more kisses before the scene comes to an end.
Some online interviews Shay attended answered a few questions about starting in porn and about themselves in general. She was in her early forties, when she began her porn career, which is quitelate for most people. But as a fitness instructor for so long and with such an amazing body gives her a lot of confidence and she felt that she would like it. When her friend Devon Michaels helped her to work and she was grateful to this day. She has said that if it were not for its entry into the adult movie business that they could instead been place an exotic dancer or stripper. She loves doing both filmroles and photo shoots and says they each have their own charms, so they keep them here. She enjoys movies and photographed in exotic locations and had a recent job at an amazing mansion in Florida that she liked.
In her personal life she has no problem with anyone disapproving of her career choice. As a mature woman with a grown daughter, the only person she was initially worried about her daughter, but she turned out to be fine with it. Shay often getsrecognized these days as they are in public and calls them a drugstore, parking and petrol stations as the actual latest places they commented. What might surprise some fans is that she loves to do work around the house that some would a handyman for hire. She also works at least six days a week including cardio, strength and core training. She is asked what her favorite body parts of its own, and it is not surprising that she calls bothher eyes and her big tits. Her eyes are a beautiful greenish blue and really look almost like the planet Earth inminiatuur.
Shay Fox is usually cast in mature and MILF roles in addition to the big tit movies. She works for most of the major studios and many others. In the movie "Big Boob Babes Hard at Work" of Adam and Eve's, it does some exercises in a gym. Jumping rope and looking super sexy in her tight fitting clothes. itstrainer / costar TJ Cummings and he shows her what the right techniques. Shay teases him until it's clear they wilneuken and she's the boss, so he is okay with her when she pulls his pants down and starts sucking his cock. While she sucked on him that she is teasing her own pussy with her other hand and they fuck in half a dozen positions in fitness and floor. The scene ends after TJ ejaculate on her big tits giving them a beautifulshiny glaze.
Shay Fox is still very active in films for adults and has so far appeared in more than 44 of them since her career began. That not all of her photo shoots and exclusive content created for various websites. With her nice big tits and unusual tattoos is that they are easy to remember and hard to forget how porn fans like it.

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