Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey was born in Sacramento, California in 1988. Her home life was relatively happy, but it came with a lot of instabilities that girls grow up around that time. If Sasha Grey was small, her parents got divorced and later remarried her mother. Sasha was brought up in a house with her mother and stepfather. She was always gifted but had a very difficult time complying with the rules and structure of primary education. For that reason they aresomewhat transient and moved by four or five different high schools while trying to balance the social anxieties of being a teenager, the hardships of her academic workload and the challenges of starting over in a new school several times. When she finally graduated in 2005, Sasha had decided she wanted a career in the performing arts. She studied acting, film and dance at a local junior college while working as a waitress in asteakhouse to cover its costs.
Like many baby begins, Sasha Grey has developed a working relationship with one of the cooks at the steakhouse. Although she was only 18 at the time, her new boyfriend was 26 years old. According to interviews, it was he who Sasha introduced to a wide variety of sexual activities, fetishes and deviant sexual acts. Sasha loved every minute of it, often encourage him to things to her that were more hardcore than he expectedshe would enjoy. Bondage, anal and rough sex quickly became her favorite sexual activity. It was at this time that Sasha Grey also discovered her love of porn.
As a couple, Sasha Grey and her ex-boyfriend watched much porn, trying to copy what they saw on the screen in their own bedroom. Just a few months later, Sasha made the most important decision of her life. "It clicked in my head one day," she said during an online interview, "This,I thought, what I'm doing now with my life. "A career in porn was the fastest scary easiest way for her to reach her goal of a career in the performing arts. Unlike many girls get into porn as the final career, Sasha knew from the beginning that she could use her amazing body and sexual rare skills as a stepping stone to propel her forward in mainstream productions too.
Watch the famous girlssex tapes to the public as Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson had convinced Sasha Grey that she could do the same thing in reverse. Instead of being famous and then leaking a sex tape to the media, they would show the world everything there was to know sexually her and then leak her true acting talent to the world as a way to bridge XXX adult films to Hollywood blockbusters and a wildly popular HBO series also.
Do allhours of the steakhouse would give her, Sasha quickly saved nearly $ 7,000 on her own and moved to Los Angeles from Sacramento to starting her career forward. Many porn stars claim to have started fucking on film as they were eighteen years old, but Sasha Grey is a proven fact. A few months after her eighteenth birthday, she hooked up with agent Mark Stiegler who assisted with the casting of the film Safado Fashionista: The Challenge. The film was directed bylegendary XXX icon John Stagliano and was destined to become one of the most watched movies made years. Fortunately for Sasha, already cast one of the girls to be part of the production needed to be replaced and that was the big breakthrough Sasha Grey needed to get her sex film career back on track.
Fashionista Safado: The Challenge allowed Sasha Grey in her abilities opposite legendary stunt cock RoccoSiffredi debut as part of an ensemble cast that includes many of the biggest names recorded in porn at the time. Belladonna, Katsumi, Nacho Vidal, Manuel Ferrara and Melissa Lauren were the main stars of the show, but the cast also included powerful porn players with long experience in the world vanvolwassen films like Marie Luv, Nici Sterling and a collection of behind the scenes talent is creating a buzz for a new starlet Sasha.
TheHaving that kind of platform to showcase her skills was a fluke, but Sasha Grey still need to deliver the goods on the screen. Even in group sex scenes where dozens of people are fucking in the same room, it was Sasha whose sexuality really pops off the screen and capture the attention of fans. The feedback from the porn fan community forthe new brunette starlet was great and it made her practically a household name among adult film fans'at night!
Since that first scene Sasha Grey went on to star in more than 236 feature length films for adults and lots of "made for the Internet 'sex scenes too. She is also credited with two XXX Directing functions titled "Birthday Party" and "Seduction", both of which were distributed by her own branding business GreyArt productions. She also won a number of major porn industry awards that would have capped off her career as she wasjust an ordinary pornstar.Echter, Sasha Grey always had bigger plans for himself and that is what allowed her so as to effectively bridge the gap between pornography and mainstream media.
In 2008 Sasha capitalized on her porn career fame by landing a role in the video for the song Super Christchurch by The Smashing Pumpkins album Zeitgeist. She reappeared in another video with some acclaim for Roots song "Birthday Girl" and then began toher regular job to evolve more films entelevisie. She appeared on the Tyra Banks show famous subject of teenagers in the sex industry, which is not as good as they would have liked were discussed. Sasha felt her views were mischaracterized done by the show and vowed to have greater artistic control over her future appearances.
In 2010 he gave the historic role she had always wanted. Sasha Grey was chosen fromthousands of potential actresses for the lead role in the film The Girlfriend Experience. The film focuses on degecompliceerde life of an expensive escort played by Gray and directed by Academy Award winning director Steven Soderbergh. The film gave immediate mainstream credibility on screen talents of Ms. Gray, while blurring the line between her adult career and Hollywood ambitions enough other casting agents to take a chance on herfuture roles.
The result was one of the top rated shows on television for many years in a row and the show was probably interested in sparking a new level of excitement by adding a sexy character to be played by Sasha Grey. On the show Sasha play the unique challenge themselves in a role that has its action as a porn star friend of the protagonist of the show Vince. Her performances have her backing from celebrityreporters who really should not be a surprise earned - since her acting skills have been clear since they first appeared on camera. Sasha has proven that fucking movie of'Serieuze 'acting in a film need exactly the same opportunities to transcend the limitations of self and explore the psyche of a variety of characters, while embodying a crowd of a shared sense of setting , feel and story plot. Where her ownUnique story will go next, only Sasha Grey really knows.

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