Sara Jay

Sara Jay is not the typical pornstar. She does not have the perfectly symmetrical face, bikini and body giggle vapid personality shown by so many other popular stars of 'today's best movies. But that does not mean that Sara Jay from becoming one of the biggest stars in the world of underground filth. She said that the most dangerous curves "of any pornstar, thanks to her 36E-27-41 measurements on a petite 5 '4" frame. Of course that meansbeschikkenze is not thin either eleven, standing 151 pounds, Sara Jay has a thicker more muscular, which allows her to violent physical strength and strength to bring any xxx hardcore performance. Even her shoe size is abnormally high at 9.5 making it a delight for foot fetish fans too.
Born in Ohio in 1977, Sara Jay started in the skin biz by becoming a stripper when she was only 18 years old. Those first years were wild animals for the teen starlet whileshe toured with her dancing wegrondom Ohio and surrounding states in a big time exotic dance club after another. Her pole dancing skills were fine, but what set Sara, apart from all the other girls was the way she could make fans feel comfortable in intimate lap dancing sessions – a trend that announced how her adult entertainment career would play out in the end.
At age 23, Sara Jay moved to Las Vegas in searchfor even more excitement. Always a party girl, full time energy of Vegas glitz englamour Sara fit much better than cold winters Ohio and clubs closed hours in the early evening. Sara Jay filmed a few amateur porn videos on its own before you get in touch with professional scouts and its transition to professional fucking on film was very easy. At a time when many porn stars had begun to look almost identical, Sara Jay was a relief.Her lascivious hourglass figure was a stark contrast to the stick-figure thin sluts which made it big at the moment.
Fans craved big tits, a curvy body and a strong woman with personality to match her beautiful body. Sara Jay quickly made a name for himself in roleplay fetish movies, BDSM, BBW niche films and other productions aimed at perverts just outside the middle of the road mainstream. Her films were smash hits for small studios andstarted its own loyal cult following among developing fanatic porn fans. Soon Sara Jay was a very famous porn star by the fans, not even as well known to anyone outside zewas xxx circles at that time.
Her first feature length porn movie release was titled "18 & Eager", even though she was in her twenties already by the time they filmed. Since then, Sara Jay has gone on to star in more than 300 feature length porn DVDs, hundreds of exclusiveWebsite porn videos, and dozens of adult magazines. Some of her best DVD performance include: Balls Deep 4 Big Wet Asses, Big Butt All Stars: Sara Jay and White Girlz Got Azz too. As you can see, most focused in the big booty and big tits attributes of Sara Jay, so Sarah made the smart move to expand its portfolio by creating self-directed and produced films like Sara Jay loves black cock and Chocohaulic milfs tobroaden her horizons and bring even more fans. Meanwhile, magazine pictorials for score, Showgirls, Juggs, Nugget, Leg Sex, Club, Busty, Ghent, D-Cup, Bootylicious, Big Butt, and many other magazines brought her popularity among pornography picture fans to an all time high.
One of the big keys to Sara Jay and her success in the porn is a rare ability to break through barriers niche, mixing genres of smut together in a swirl of xxxBeen treats. While most porn stars to be limited to one or other niche, Sara Jay on both sides of the entire list and moved from one style to all the others when the time is ripe. BDSM dominatrix, MILF, Interracial Sex Fiend, BBW at times and much more. Why limit themselves to fuck a black man with a big lulin a movie all about interracial sex, then she might as well dominate in a BDSM movie a few different flavorscombines? That's the genius of Sara Jay!
You want to find Sara overcome many of the more traditional porn awards, but over the years she got her hands on numerous accolades from underground sex groups and direct fan voting portals. In 2008, fans voted for Sara Jay at the Best Interracial Performer made at the Urban X Awards. In the same year she went to win Miss October before Booble, and while a pornstar is not allowed for thatprice more than to win once in a year – her fans stormed back to Booble a year later and made her Miss October for a second year in a row!
Always bisexual, Sara Jay has said in interviews that they really have no preference between men and women, but they really prefer both. The idea of ​​group sex has always appealed to the busty blonde because of the shared sense of intimacy and how participants in an orgy to theirrenew their own energy as it flows through the whole crowd of sexually participants. Now Sara is bi-coastal, as well as bi-curios, with homes in Oregon and Miami. They still remain very busy in porn, causing dozens of new sex videos a year and she is back to her roots by bringing her feature dance routines on stage again for the first time in a long time.
There are so many fans are now seeking a meeting with Sara Jay and the best way for herto stay in touch is much more dansociale media. As she has said in interviews given in public and meeting my fans in person is the only way to really give them the intimate direct connection to me that they deserve. It is rare to find a porn star who innate responsibilities cum along with his girlfriend understands is a fantasy for millions of people around the world. Jay Sara would not have it in a different way.

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