Rio Mariah

Rio Mariah is a Latin pornstar who was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her zodiac sign is Pisces and she has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches and weighs only about 112 pounds make her very petite. Her body measurements 32C-24-31 and she had to help a breast augmentation in the middle of her career to improve her bust size. While she does not have tattoos on her body, she has a piercing that is her navel. itsmetaliasnamen list includes Mrs. Mariah, Rio Maria, Rio Sashy Lee, Sashy, Lucia and Lucienne. She sometimes dyes her hair blond or jet black but usually goes by her natural brunette shade.
She began working in the porn film in 2002, when she was in her early twenties. One of her earliest appearances was in the film "Skeeter Kerkove's Anal Excursions 3" which by great studio and directed by Kerkove. Her scene is the fourth and her partner Alex Sanders.De scenetakes place outside the couple's kiss and it is all about anal sex as he then lubes penetrates her ass while she on her knees. She sucks on his cock a bit and then he pushed back into her ass. Again to change position she licks his balls and suck his dick and while he fucks her ass what more she masturbates. Finally he pulls off her worn ass and cums on the anal scene to an end also maken.EENRioperformed in the movie "Back Cum Pussy 49", which was produced by Elegant Angel and directed by Paulo Banana in 2003. She appears with Ashley Blue and Billy Banks in the fifth scene. At first she is working on a pre-scene interview with the director talking with her in Portuguese. It proposes and does some teasing and then when the sex she starts kissing her female costar on the bench. Billy joins them and licking pussy while playing with her clit. hefuck trio missionary position and Ashley sits on her face simultaneously and reversing position. There are some changes in the position of partner and during the scene until he delivers a facial cumshot for both girls as they lick it clean.
She calls in a brief interview that prior to working in the porn industry, she was actually quite prudish about sex. Explaining that she'd hardly had to see himself naked and would only have sex with the lights off.Once she started working in adult films, her confidence regarding their own sexuality went away and today she will find it very easy. She goes on to mention that her favorite sexual position on top of the man and confronted him, so she can see his face while fucking him. Although at the time of the interview, she was based in London, England, when she asked what her favorite place she answers Los Angeles, California. She has the girlsthe porn industry in the US found very nice to be envriendelijk. When it comes to the guys she notes that most guys around the world are pretty like all once in a while there's a boy or a girl who is not as nice.
Rio is the kind of woman who always loved to please others, sometimes at the expense of her own pleasure. She is a giving woman who enjoys the company over to her house and entertaining. She likes to cook andoften looked after her own party, but never considered a profession. Her interests include Hollywood films and she has often wanted to take some professional acting classes. Her busy schedule keeps her not matter too much free time, but the time she gets, she tries to make the most of it. Besides cooking and enjoying movies she also loves to read and it is not surprising that sex is a subject they studied much. Working in the adult filmcompany has also opened doors for her, such as exploring lesbian sex. While most of her films are in the anal sex and facial genres, she has some lesbian themed films as well gedaan.EENEen of her lesbian films from 2006 was named "Panty Party 3", which was produced by Fusxion studio and directed by Britney Foster. Rio appears in the third scene with Naudia Nyce. She's wearing a pair of sexy panties and a matchingbra and both girls are teasing each other. They kiss and lick each other's nipples and pussies and do some fingering too. Rio uses a dildo and inserts a butt plug while Naudia uses a dildo in her ass. Rio uses her sex toy double penetrate her partner and the ladies do a lot more kissing and lovemaking in this increasingly sensual and sexual all girl scene.¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬Sommige fans did not like the fact that Mrs Mariah receivedbreast augmentation surgery. However, Rio's breast surgery came out looking very nice and if she lost any fans, they achieved at least as many more. She appears as a blonde in the 2008 movie "Shane Diesel's Fucking Adventures 3" by Pink Visual. Her scene features group sex with a brunette girl, Tee Reel, Shane Diesel and Maui Kane. She has a pre-scene interview wearing a sexy outfit and then she gets topless as jongensen girl closesthemselves. She has her ass rimmed while giving a blowjob and then she gets fucked from behind. She mounts a man while another fucks her ass from behind the double penetration and the scene ends as they take a lot of cum shots. Her credit in this film is just Rio and its new, enhanced tits look fantastic.
Rio Mariah withdrew from working in porn movies in 2012 after appearing in over 225 films. While fans would loveif they would come back to the industry, zealle attempts to reverse not made this letter back, but anyway, you have a wide selection of the hottest scenes here at Rio's Askjolene.

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