If you see porn star Pinky in action on the big screen it's easy to forget that this ebony goddess with a big black ass is just a diminutive 4 '11 inches long! A shorty like Pinky is far from petite, weighing a rubenesque 154 pounds, but when you realize that most of that weight is supported in its large black back is easy to understand why her ass her one of the most famous made ebonyporn stars of all time.
Pinky was born in 1982 and grew up in the WestenOakland, California area. She was a gifted student who earned a free scholarship to a boarding school in Minnesota and proudly declared in an interview that she studying ballet dance, learned to play the violin and graduated from high school with many academic awards. Her parents were deeply disappointed when Pinky decided not to go to college.
After a brief stint working at popular sneaker storewhere she reportedly she was fired for being late was a receptionist, but claims that they had been verbally sexually harassed constantly. She says she got so many comments about her behind her dayjob she decided to work as a stripper, which allowed her a degree of anonymity because no one would know she was working as an erotic dancer, unless they actually visited club. She claims in a club where she worked "were all girlsfuck "and they had to decide quickly whether they are prepared to have sex for money.
Her boyfriend at the time was also eenruwe going to make work his own business ventures, so that together they began trying to think of a new company that they were both involved in the launch. They were fucking hardcore home sex tapes and films for awhile when Pinky had the idea to come together in porn. Her first two films were self-titled amateur videoTitle Pinky sexual encounters # 1 and # 2. They recommended Pinky and get her friend long and hard for hours. Pinky began selling her homemade porn videos at dedance club where she worked, which helped her earn more tips and bring home a bundle of cash by packaging the two disc set for sixty dollars a pop. Eight months later she found herself an agent and formulated a plan to push her porn career to the top.
Her first video was filmed with the Bang Bros crew and the legendary male porn actor TT Boy produced her too. Pinky understood the power of the Internet and dreamed of having her own sex site, but wanted to work from all angles and got veelvan the major studios behind her along the way.
As Pinky says in another interview, one day her mother found her "Ho Bag" filled with stripper costumes, condoms, vibrators, lubricants andother accessories. What became violent and was immediately kicked out of her home. Later, they tried to reconcile with her mother and her mother asked that before she did she wanted something wild to hear first, instead of hearing someone else. A few months later, Pinky told her mother she intended to start making XXX hardcore movies. Her mother refused to accept the decision and Pinky as they still do not understand how incredibly popular Pinkyhas become among porn fans worldwide. The subsequent decision to get Pinky in explicit rap music and a career beyond fucking helped film to develop soften their relationship.
Pinky also explained in an online interview that her father was in and out of prison throughout her life, including most geweestonlangs is returning to prison when she was 18 years old. She found her father is a fan of pornstar Cherokee because he was in theprison he is unable to choose the porn he is able to look at. In a conversation she once had together, Pinky explained Vlad TV that her father movies they star has seen and to fast forward through the parts she is to see other actresses instead.
Its origin is actually a mix of African-American and Italian erfgoed.Statueske features, big boobs, lips soft fan and above all Pinkyknown for having a donkey that could be hit. In fact, more than any other pornstar Pinky was that ass clap popular among mainstream porn fetish fans. Thrusting her hips, squatting and jumping or riding a cock, you hear smacking her ass cheeks, with a bang of excitement when you see her on screen.
Now an icon of black culture in the United States, Pinky has become a celebrity best all A-list events, clubs andcelebrate. Hanging with big time professional athletes, rappers and movie stars have helper her image over the years, but this ebony beauty always remains humble and has time for her fans. she answers personal e-mails and letters from all over the world, allowing it to remain true and faithful to her hip-hop roots. For a girl who does not get into porn until she was almost 25 years old, Pinky has most of those four or five years into action and continue to isnogthemselves - Directing big porn blockbusters like Pinky's Bitches and Whips, Ton Ton Pinky Pinky's Buns and Rolls Or 2 Black Market productions. Will they remain active in the world of hardcore porn for years to cum, or try to move to a more mainstream career in Hollywood entertainment? Only time will tell, but no matter what they choose to do, you can always her complete collection of the most famous videos Pinkhere ever created Askjolenegratis!
As Pinky himself said: The wild thing on the internet, if you get up there and once things start blowin 'up, it stays up forever. I have no regrets and I know I look good, so it's all good with me.

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