Phoenix Marie

In Phoenix Marie was born in September 1981 no one could have known that someday she would become a porn star, Penthouse Pet and self-proclaimed "big fucking dork loves anal." It's a long and winding road for the blonde hardcore cocksocket who now lives in Los Angeles, California and goes by the names of Phoenix Marie Phoenix Marizzle been together.
Strong Italian descent, make a bodacious bubble butt and a nice 34DD-26-38 body hair among the mostattractive women ever to choose fuck on film as a career option. Phoenix was born in Arizona and her name choice is a commitment to Phoenix Arizona. At 5 '9 she is one of the higher pornstars fucked on film today and published interviews online, she has the position to pay its great height and long legs to her ability huge cocks accept right up her ass, though is hard science yet no correlationbetween the height of a woman and the elasticity tonenvan her dick. Cowgirl Anal, riding on top of her costar and controlling his dick as it completely slips up her ass is her favorite position, although she has said that pressed rough anal sex against a wall is definitely a close second on her fantasy list.
Growing up, Phoenix describes herself in her bio as "intelligent and shy without social skills to speak of" because she had amechanically interest in rebuilding classic cars, driving her own two Harleys, dirt bikes, and trying eenslew of extreme sports as rafting ranged in half-pipes skateboard. It was not until much later in life, during her porn career she decided to get tattoos of two Chinese characters along her hip line just above her pubic hair. Later added ink on the back of her neck and has become a favorite among body art pornfans.
That did not leave much time for dating, but she was an avid reader and studied women's magazines with a lot of books on sexuality and social interactie.Tot on the day she lay still use many of those lessons to improve her movies by injecting a social component that goes beyond the physical fuck and asks viewers to engage with her on a more emotional level.
Unlike many modern porn stars,Phoenix Marie never intended to pursue a career in the adult entertainment and all kind of stared accidentally. In 2006, while out on the town for an evening of fun with friends in a few local nightclubs she was approached by a bouncer and asked OFZE ever fuck a career seen on film. As it happens, he had some connections with a local Los Angeles talent agent who is able to get a few calls and had one week laterPhoenix a cock to her mouth while she was dick sucked and swallowed cum to begin her now famous xxx portfolio.
When asked for her turn-ons and turn-offs answers Phoenix Marie gave may surprise some of her fans. For starters, she is indeed a queen size, but not in the traditional way. While she certainly likes a big dick, what really gets her motor is a man with broad shoulders and some height. She is an avidsports enthusiast, but also in particular the types of sports they can play themselves out while working up a sweat with her team. As she said: "What excites me in a man's shoulders and his height I go to the beach and playing football, baseball and hockey.." All this activity is explained, at least partly, the Phoenix is ‚Äč‚Äčable to maintain such an amazing sexual stamina.
Phoenix Marie got her start in xxx actionnot until she was 26 years old, so if you are looking for a real teen porn videos starring Ms. Marie you will not be able to find them. Her look is her adult film career 246 feature length hardcore DVDs on her name remained constant, the golden-haired goddess of Golden Valley, Arizona has a huge audience of hardcore fans who eagerly zebiedt built into each new orgasm.
Beginning in 2007 and continuing through to thetoday, Phoenix Marie has worked with virtually every top studio or director in adult cinema. Including numerous covergirl cover work for top tier makers including smut Evil Angel Jules Jordan, Elegant Angel, Zero Tolerance, Exquisite, third degree, Diabolic, anabolic, Hustler, Penthouse, Vivid and Wicked Pictures. Her love for anal sex has become her trademark signature put on the screen and so far no costar ever geduurdmeer than a few minutes aftergaining access to its glorious dick.
In 2010 finally began to notice the erotic writers Phoenix Marie and piled up quickly take the award nominations. An AVN Award nomination for Best Anal Sex Scene in 'Ass Worship 11 "2010, Criss Strokes, Unsung Starlet of the Year award, Web Starlet of the Year award in 2010 Fans of Adult Media and Entertainment Award for Best Ass 2010 Fans of Adult Media and Entertainment Award for Best Anal starlet and een2010XBIZ Award Nomination for Porn Star Website of the Year also.
After fulfilling its contract requirements, Phoenix Marie is a free agent now working for several porn sites and a variety of manufacturers. She also takes her fame directly to a large audience through social networks and has more than 82,000 followers on twitter. After some intensive training, Phoenix also started performing as a feature dancer on many headline cabarets in the United States, gettingmet her fans in a more intimate setting. Best of all, for the first time ever, you can now see Phoenix Marie Videos free here Askjolene! Many of her award-winning performances, exclusive sex videos and nastiest anal action is available for your day or night with a click of your computer. See it all at this time, those big full juggs that top quality ass - if you Phoenix Marie fucking on your screen for free, what else would you dick could possibly everwant. This girl is the cure for what ails you.

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