Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley was born on March 11, 1959 in Berkley Californië under the name Marie Louise Hartman. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and was always interested in her sexuality more than most of the girls she knew. As she got older, her belief system lead her to a unique brand of feminism that her estate has served for a wild ride in the world of adult entertainment and beyond accept. Nina Hartley had parents on thetime of its birth were Jewish, but they were very open-minded and made the decision to start practicing Budhism place while Nina was young. She grew up with an older sister and two older brothers who maintained by all accounts a supportive close relationship with Nina through her life. Unlike many of the stereotypes and negative hype espoused by mainstream media or small groups of like-minded people trying to push their philosophyothers by claiming porn is full of women who were filled from broken families, Nina has always pointed out that she had a very loving, warm and caring relationship with her family. Her decision to voluntarily enter XXX entertainment was and with an understanding of what it entails made. Out simple, Nina Hartley really loves sex and porn was the best way for her to market her amazing sexual appetite. Proving her intellectwas always at least as attractive as her perfect ass and legs skills, Nina Hartley graduated at the top of her class from the San Francisco State University nursing school full Magna Cum Laude honors in 1985 and became a registered nurse. While she was at school, during her second year of studies, Nina took a job at the now famous Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater work as an exotic dancer.Stripping is something that quite naturally came to this blonde beauty in her early twenties. A year later, when she was a junior college she went porno officially making her first few movies in the spring of 1984 at the age of twenty five. Nina Hartley chosen to use a stage name like most other porn stars and chose her name in later interviews for a few reasons. The name Nina was simple, easy to remember and easy toFor many Asian tourists who taught them to please perform during her days to speak in live shows as a stripper. Hartley was her famous last name because it was similar enough to her real name, of course, for her to feel and as a famous model called Mariette Hartley was starring in a popular series vancommercials a new camera at the time. Friends noticed that Nina and Mariette had a similar sense of style, and thedecision was made quickly to take a similar name. The first XXX movie ever made Nina Hartley called Educating Nina. It was publishing Atom films in the autumn of 1984 and was produced by the famous erotica expert Julier Anderson, also known by many in the industry as Aunt Peg for the nurturing care they showed to start in dirt so many girls. Thanks in large part to the best ass of her era, Nina soon they discoveredwas able to bring a very large audience of loyal fans for her films. Educating Nina was a blockbuster smash hit quickly hurried by the standards of the time and studios to capitalize on her fame by producing follow-up films that year, including: Butter Me Up by 4-Play Video and seeking Lust by VCX Pictures later that year. The early years of the 1980s from 1982 to around 1987 erotic film considered by most critics asthe Golden Age of the American porn. It was a time when seeing a small group of actors and actresses in a dizzying number of new titles each month. With iconic costars which included Ron Jeremy, Paul Thomas, Billy Dee, Sharon Mitchell, Christy Canyon, Gail Force, Ginger Lynn and a few dozen others. Nina Hartley all fucked in group sex scenes, solo performances and aantalvan the best story-driven plot line pornography ever produced. InUnlike many legends of the classical era porn to cum and have gone, Nina Hartley has been a mainstay of adult entertainment and continues to make fresh, exciting new hardcore films until today. During the classic porn era most movies had a detailed plot that requires real acting talent, with a strong sexual prowess to create memorable and believable films for the fans. Keep in mind, in the firstyears, some films were only seen in adult cinemas and wasgrotendeels because of Nina Hartley and her fellow porn performers of the time VHS (Video Tapes) were able to reach millions of households in such a short period of time . Viewers may be willing to wait on line to see a Hollywood film with big stars in the mainstream, but watching a few people fucking is what so many are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars onVCR at home. All through the years, as technology has improved, Nina Hartley and her perfect heart shaped ass have been leading the way from the bedroom to the big screen. During the DVD era Nina starred in the famous film for dozens of famous studios. Back when porn evolved and became a digital media sensation, Nina Hartley continued to deliver as one of the first porn star ever filmed for gonzo style individual scenes onlinebe published. Recently, continues to endure its DVD career her role in Cougar Prey 6 Mile High heeftbewees while her exclusive videos on Askjolene show her mature body and elegance on the screen allow it to connect with a new generation of fans looking her talents online. To date, Nina Hartley has appeared in 883 feature films and countless scenes of hardcore xxx websites. Stepping outside the normal bounds of the ordinaryporn star Nina Hartley has also become an accomplished author, political activist and mainstream media sensation. Referring to himself as a 'sex positive feminist "Nina famous once said," Sex is not something people do to you is not something men get your Sex is something you dive into with gusto and like.. it just as much as he does. " Her appearance on the wildly popular Oprah Winfrey Show, along metcollega-pornstar and friend OnaSea showed the grit and determination of an explicit porn starlet is confronting closed-minded audience and overcome their vitriol with a friendly, quiet, sensible attitude that the right of all women to choose their own lifestyle beyond desire putting some women to castigate others for their choices. In 1995 Nina Hartley told the trial of the so-called "Erotic Eleven" for writer Wendy McElroy during an interview for the book XXX:a woman's right to pornography. The incident eleven women concerned exported reportedly Lesbian live show at a fundraiser for an adult-friendly charity in Las Vegas in 1993. The eleven women were arrested by an undercover police officer in the audience and each was threatened with six to twelve years prison for misdrijflastenals due to open displays of lesbian sex and perceived pandering. Even when faced withaggressive government Nina Hartley, had remained firmly on her faith and refused to be trampled by the law. Her victory came later when she finally was allowed to plead guilty to a crime, without any further action. In 1997, Nina Hartley her acclaimed break-through to mainstream movies with a theater as unfaithful wife porn man played by William H. Macy in the critically acclaimed cult classic movie Boogie Nights. The story of thefilm was meant to an earlier time in the porn Nina Hartley and was very familiar with her on set provided the cast and crew with an excellent source capable of lending their game a greater level of realism than ever mirror would have been possible without their efforts. Building on her previous training as a nurse and expanding her love for sex, Nina Hartley author of her own book Nina Hartley's Guide to TotalSex (Avery, USA) in 2006. She also has her own series of films that explain, in graphic detail, many of the major sexual acts. Always reassuring viewers that their own sexual fetishes and preferences are completely normal, as long as they and their partners permission, Nina explores the art of anal sex, cunnilingus, deep throat blowjobs, handjobs, lesbian sex and more. The video mixes hardcore video starring porn friends and Mrs Hartleyhave commented that any kind of pleasure in putting a simple "How To" format for the fans, couples and swingers to enjoy while learning. In her private life away from the porn studios, Nina Hartley has always been openly bisexual and enjoyed the swinger lifestyle which promiscuity promotes even among couples who believe that sex and loving devotion can be treated effectively by individual human psyche . during herNina Hartley years earlier her husband Dave and her "wife" Bobby Lilly was married at the age of 19. The three-way relationship lasted almost twenty years before it crumbled. When asked about deuiteindelijk failure of the relationship by a reporter who believed the problem stemmed from having an open marriage, Nina Hartley sincerely stressed her belief the trio just ended because "I was too immature and he was too possessive. The did not work. Theended because the wrong three people were involved. "Since then Nina Hartley has remarried and by all accounts is very happy with her current husband Ira Levin, who uses the alias Ernest Greene as director of movies in the BDSM nice first place. while Nina has worked in several of his films, especially the Ultimate Guide to Anal sex for women and O: the power of Submission - it is clear that their relationship goes much deeper than an off camerapurely working relationship could ever do. There marriage remains strong to this day and recently placed upon her own personal blog Nina Hartley "Even though I launched the sex of my doctor last Wednesday Ernest and I will our fun until tomorrow, because that was the first quiet day we had available. That's the fun part about getting married. If we do not have sex to get today, there will be plenty of other opportunities. " The years may milder Ms. but Hartleyher strong sense of self and gender continue cooking right under the surface. Among porn fans and professional critics Nina Hartley any meaningful award ever offered as an adult entertainment honors won. Some of her more notable awards: Best Actress Debbie Duz Dishes 1987, Best Supporting Actress for Portrait of an Affair and Best Scene Couples Sex for Sensual Escape both in 1989, Best Supporting Actress for The Last X-Rated Movie in 1991Best Specialty Tape - Spanking for Nina Hartley's Guide To Spanking in 2005 and Best Non-Sex Performance in eenvolwassen movie for her great charismatic appearance in the film of the year Not Bewitched XXX in 2005. Perhaps more important than all the experts award or fancy trophy , Nina Hartley has become one of the most gerespecteerde women ever to appear in adult films. Classic actors like Ron Jeremy, modern icons like Lexington Steele, the legendarywomen like Jenna Jameson and just about any author or publisher who has had a crush on the pornographic industry recognizes the profound impact Nina Hartley had on the sex industry in the past thirty years and more on the sex lives of ordinary people who strongly of honesty, openness and benefited the enthusiasm of the world's leading porn provocateur. Maybe Lex Steele said it best wanneerhij said in an interview that the absolute pinnacle ofhis extraordinary porn career was the day he had the chance to finally fuck Nina Hartley.

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