Monique is an African-American porn star who was born in San Diego, California. She's an Aquarius according to astrology, and has black hair and brown eyes. Its length is a petite 5 feet 2 inches and weighs only about 114 lbs. Her body measurements are a natural 34B-24-34 and she has never considered getting all belong to her natural figure. No tattoos or piercings anywhere either, other than having pierced ears. Moniqueknown by the names Monigirl enSuiker in several productions during her career.
When they first movies she was only in her early twenties and 1996. Since graduating from high school she worked various jobs, while always looking for something better to come along. If they see something that looked like it had more space to move and saw more money, they would work hard to get a job. This wentuntil she was approached in a strip club one day while working her shift. Depaar wanted them to know that she could get her job immediately, landscaping and perform. She was interested enough to ask how much money they could make, and when they earn thousands heard doing hardcore the possibility that she was hooked. The timing of the meeting was important because it was only for a time and was looking for someone to fuck like a matter ofher daily life. The chance to make a good days work and was too good to be true to cum at the same time.
One of those early films was called "comeback Pussy 2 - Crawling Back For More" and it was produced and directed by Elegant Angel Bya Tom Byron. Her scene is the fourth in the film and coupled with Midori, Nyrobi and director Byron in a steamy foursome. All three sexy black girls surround luck Tom and he gets a blowjob fromthe deal immediately. At this very early stage of her career, Monique worked only with other girls, so they mate with Nyrobi.Ze licks her pussy and ass with great enthusiasm, while Midori gives cock a good suck and then takes it in her cunt. Later he fucks Nyrobi from behind, while she in turn is licking Monique's pink and glistening wet cunt. This really is a great scene for all major interracial sex and sexy black girls. Tom gives the girls agood facial cumshot at the end. Monique was such a cock crazy girl later in her career, it's strange to think of her as ever work in some lesbian scenes like this.
According to her, Monique was quite a tomboy while growing up and still often involved activities such as climbing trees, playing rough and general things that do not make the most of her female friends at the time. This gave her plenty of time to hang out with boys whilegrow so natural that they feel comfortable with men. During the school years, she was heavily in athletics, gymnastics and other physical activities. Extracurricular Her training also included playing the clarinet, performing at school drill team and a cheerleader. Always very popular with the boys she dated a lot and had a boyfriend she had a crush on. The couple studied together sexually and soon were fucking every time when they were not busy.
When they from school she visited a local strip club with her friends and she eventually returned to a job quickly after that. There was something about dancing for people who really turned her and she admits freely. Increasingly open about her sexuality made it easier to talk about and found that a large part of her sexual desires were quite common among the other girls who work there. She had her first girl on girl sexual experience whilealso work. One night a couple in the club were asked whether they are willing to pose would be for them and she agreed. Her first nude cover and layout was published 1995Spelers Magazine that the result of this meeting.
In 2003, Monique was finally able to do something that she had worked to do and that was to send. The film "Monique's Sexaholics 1" was produced by Heatwave Entertainment. She looks at herself in the moviefirst scene with Nacho Vidal. The scene starts with her on the couch alone and play with her cunt and using a dildo. Squatting on the dildo she adds EnDat her cunt when Nacho connects her. She sucks on his hard dick and takes it deep in her throat. He fucks her first while she's on her hands and knees and he pushes the dildo in her ass at the same time. Using a couple of his fingers he finger fucks her ass while screwing her pussy onsame time. Finally, he put his cock right into her ass and fuck for a while before the facial cumshot end. The film has four other hot scenes with some extra black porn stars and would go some jongens.Ze to direct two episodes of this series and a few more movies in the next few years.
Monique worked as an active pornstar fourteen years, until they finally retire. Her name appeared in the credits of more than 343 films asperformer and five as director. The number of individual scenes she appeared in was much higher than counting the film and she was also featured in many photographic galleries too. Askjolene has dozens of hot scènesvan this sexy black pornstar and so much more too, so see it now.

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