Mone Divine

Mone Divine is an African-American porn star in San Diego, California was born in July 1981. She is 5 feet tall and weighs 114 pounds. Her measurements are 34D-26-38 and she has tattoos on her left shoulder and left ankle. Mone never planned on entering the porn business, but she got her start in XXX movies anyway, after she attended a porn convention with one of her friends and met a number of leading manufacturers along with a crew of peoplein the industry.
At that time zeop looking for a way to start or break her career as a model in the music business as a dancer. But they felt that the people they met were very nice and gracious group of professionals and thought this could be a backdoor in greater celebrity status after seeing how the Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian sex celebs their hardcore sex tape leak parlayed in mainstream Hollywood audience appeal. In 2003, theage of 22, she decided to try her hand to perform in front of the camera - dieleiden many men and women trying her mouth, throat, cunt and ass in some delicious adult videos.
To date Mone Divine is present in more than 150 XXX hardcore videos for leading companies such as Lethal Hardcore Legend Video, Black Ice and Evasive Angles. She remains high in demand due to its golden-brown skin, perfect hair dark brown nipplescontrast, and true amateur energy they bring every show, never seems to have become jaded by the filming process to be .. Her talent speak for itself. Sucking big cock deep, doing anal with multiple partners, orgasm trapped in the face, her costars did lead her pussy with their creampie internal cumshot or just about producers anything else ask her to do in the interest of another stellar new release.
While some so-calledporn stars seem hot for the first few scenes and then continue gradually begin to email, milking their audience with a lot of lackluster films later in huncarrières has Mone Divine appears to be different. You can see any video, whether it be one of its first or one of its newest, they deeply giving her fans the kind of ride they expect from us as they are one of her signature sex scenes.
For example, here on Askjolene caresure to check out the video entitled "Hot Whore Mone Divine gets a Nuts-inch Black Cock Drilling" costarring ten inch black dick Jason Zupalo. During the interview segments beginning of sucking off a part of the scene fans can not help but wonder how this little black pornstar ever going to be able to handle a lot of dick in her fuck holes. But just when you least expect it, you see his leg balls Jason buried deep in her tight twat andit does not take too long after that for him to nut on her tongue, cheeks and chin as she drools down every last drop. Watch her enthusiasm and see for yourself that all Mone cares about is making descene Divine for her audience.
You can also see her in numerous lesbian sex videos here, proving their hair bisexual personality that can ignite imagination sessions or it is poured into a video next to a man, a woman, or even a group ofhardcore costars!
Her juicy lips are part of what makes her so sexy and in demand. She loves to suck balls, but she enjoys working with women just as much. Known interracial scenes with older white dudes, that the fact that sex reinforce important to Mone than who she is dealing with at any given time! Mone Divine is a natural performer and does not need much help to get in the mood. Once the cameras start to roll, herjuices start to flow almost immediately without the need for any kind of lubrication.
Her bubbly, round ass can make a nice hard banging with ease, as she bends over, spreading her cheeks and invite her partner to her glory holes. In addition to her on-camera appearances, Mone Divine ISOOK involved in other activities, as they continue to feel that it is important and relevant to remain in the spotlight. If they do not perform on film, she holds aextremely active schedule as a feature dancer traveling across the country and around the world to show off her naked body live and in person. She also has a radio show and runs to help a nonprofit organization to feed the homeless.
Ironically, it was not until recently that Mone achjieved one of her earliest goals, but get cast in a number of music videos for upcoming rappers. She's always on the road appearances and meet itsfans and now understands that bringing a bigger and bigger audience its efforts is what will really open the most doors for her flourishing career as a celebrity. Mone Divine has learned that you have to have patience in the porn industry. She suggests that women who consider pornography to think about and decide if it's really something they do willente because to remain with them.
For her, the porn industry has opened many doors and more40 free hardcore Mone Divine porn tube videos here Askjolene you can see this chocolate diva return the favor for her fans by spreading her legs and opening each hole as her well-hung costars and other leading ladies to turn, using her body as their own personal playground while you watch porn. Be sure also to look through more than a dozen of the best photo sets ever filmed, to see Monehas what it takes for the next hot nude or anything else they choose to become super-stardom on her long and winding path. To enjoy!

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