Missy Monroe

A megastar during the DVD era of adult entertainment, explicit sex shows and a porn studio work Missy Monroe remain as popular today as they were in the past. A porn career that spanned 2003-2010 has spawned many imitators, but no one has more ability to "fuck fake" the familiar transcend many porn fans and provide real gritty edge of your seat sex movies the way Missy Monroe then 400 hadXXX feature films for many years.
According to online sources, Missy Monroe was born in the summer of 1984 and grew up in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada. Her mother was a hospital staffer night shifts and her father was a 'bad-boy' on various jobs, including driving truck, paramedic work and worked an assortment of unrelated jobs. Missy said her parents split her teens and she went on to a verydisciplinary problem got home, school and in the vicinity of the group 8voorwaarts.
By the time she had her diploma high school at age 18 Missy Monroe already reportedly earned the label of being a local whore and had her estimate is fucked by more than 150 different sexual companions. Missy has also claimed that an avid marijuana smoker and wanted to be there as long as she could remember getting into porn.
working abunch of jobs in fast food restaurants and big chain stores eventually lead Missy seeking more lucrative work shaking her ass opstadium at several local strip clubs in Sin City. Eventually, she landed on the famous Cheetah's strip club and was a mainstay feature attraction. However, in 2003, requires a change in local law to all strippers to be at least 21 years old to perform. It was intended purpose of the legislationkeep teenagers from adult entertainment, but ironically had the exact opposite effect on Missy Monroe, and probably many other girls in the area at that time.
At the age of nineteen andnot able, thanks to the new law to dance naked on stage, Missy Monroe found out that they only needed 18 years to get fucked on film and that's when she decided to get into porn DVDs with hardcore sex . She started with some softcore modeling andphoto work, but it was not long before she found herself spread wide open for gangbangs and anal sex orgy movies that are still some of the most extreme smut rival today available anywhere online.
Missy was cast in many roles toe by a variety of studios and many either misspelled her name or change it to something else. You'll films of its mission attributed to Monroe, Monique Missy, Missy Marie, Missy, MistyMonroe and find other variations, but Missy Monroe is the only stage name she ever intended to use.
For approximately six months in 2004 Missy temporary pension according to online reports to shack with a mechanic she was dating at the time. His jealous nature to be fucked her not allow others to film, but thankfully for porn fans he lost his job and Missy let him return to porn later that year.
There were also inconsistenttabloid news of an incident with Missy Monroe and another pornstar named Genesis Skye who had been reportedly roommates when a 'cat-fight' between the two of them resulted move in Genesis and Missy never decide to live with another woman pornstar again .
An avid sexual deviant having anal sex more genietdan most girls enjoy diamonds and that can actually spray as they reached an intense orgasm moment - Missy Monroeimpressed millions of fans during her porn career and made the free Missy Monroe porn tube videos you see here Askjolene real collectors items. In a telling quote that much about Missy's attitude and her personal relationships tell you, she once said, "First scene I I squirted !!! I did not really know what happened. I have to cry actually started because I do not know what happened! After work, I went home and called my mother andtold her what happened. She said: "I also spray It's all good, it is perfectly natural!"
Her first sex movie ever was filthy First Timers # 34 and had her first double penetration movie No Cum Dodging Allowed # 3 Mike Jon. When asked about her anal and DP antics Missy said in an online interview, "I like anal sex !!! Last week I only 6 man gangbang with Jasmin Byrnvoor Acid Rain 'and' I loveDP's better than anal scenes! "
Later Missy Monroe got a chance directorial debut with a film she made from her own imagination titled Big Tit Whores in 2006. She created the script, the cast gathered and made all decisions on the positions and sexual content. It remains ever the only film directed Missy and gives her hardcore fans a unique glimpse into the mind of their favorite blonde fuck slut.
Asked about interracial sex Missy toldeenanekdotisch story in an interview, explaining "Yes, I interracial! I have no problem with black dudes!" she also claims that when off camera she dated a black man "Like twice! I had a black boyfriend when I was 16, I brought him left for my 16th birthday and boyfriend mother because he was racist!" Missy continues to say her favorite stunt-cock is Steve Holmes, her favorite position is missionary, and she thinks her bestscene ever in the film Gangbang # 3 Red Light District, because they let 12 guys have anal sex with her one after another while she fucked her mouth and cunt at the same time.
When asked if she had ever fucked a celebrity, Missy coyly responded "Did Leonardo De Caprio's counting brother ??" but we have no way of checking the accuracy of its declaration ofwie could be different to those clandestine list.
While some porn starsare in it for the money or the fame, it's always refreshing to find a real fucking whore like Missy Monroe on film for the simple fact that it's just what she does best. You can see plenty of free porn tube video starring Missy Monroe here anytime thanks to your friends at Askjolene!

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