Mika Tan

Mika Tan is an Asian pornstar who was born in 1972 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs 121 pounds. Her measurements are 36D-25-37 its natural tits were significantly smaller. She is American, Japanese, Taiwanese and Samoan descent.
Reportedly Mika has a heritage in adult entertainment. Online reports state that her grandmother had massage parlors in Guam and Hawaii so she was always open about sex and said they met sexfantasies in her late teens.
Mika Tan has a tattoo of a Chinese dragon on her right thigh. In her early adulthood, Mika Tan modeled clothes, cars, toys and fashion accessories. She has also done work in television and radio commercials, voice-overs, drama, music, independent films and movies - always very busy.
Mika Tan comes from a military family and grew up on the Pacific Ocean. Her father was stationed in Oahu, Guam,and San Diego for long durations. They washome-schooled for a while and was lucky enough to be educated on the road by experienced many different cultures and people. When they go to school, she was a good student, both in high school and college. She would hang out with the nerd crowd and she was also a student and a member of the national honor society. She traveled all over the US, parts of Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and even North Africa onreligious mission "| all before she finished high school.
Mika changed her major several times and finally studying her degree in biochemistry after five years of college. Even though they found to be easy work, they realized it was not a career she enjoyed. She was more of a person and found her success working in sales for the timeshare industry, which allowed her to do what she did, traveling with interesting people.
During her last year of college, she wanted to make money, so they started doing some nude modeling. Mika Tan wasaltijd very comfortable with her body and nakedness as she did some dancing house in a couple of strip clubs in San Diego too. In 1997, Mika Tan made her first porn video. Her first anal scene was with Ed Powers.
Her trysts on the screen never stopped her from finding off-screen romances. Through its military background, wasno surprise that she ended up marrying a soldier. Mika Tan and her husband decided to work in porn as a couple, but that did not work out as hoped zehad. This appeared to be the most difficult periods in her life. Her marriage suffered, had not her husband wants them to do sex scenes with other men, so they did only lesbian and fetish scenes like BDSM, stockings and tights for a while. She still considers herself primarily a fetish model who happensdo porn. She also began working for an Asian company as an office assistant and did what CAM modeling for the company as well. In 1999, Tan opened a Geisha website, which was an all-Asian voyeur house. She did some solo work and filmed her husband, but again, that did not work and eventually the marriage ended in divorce.
Over the years, Mika Tan has performed nearly 630 scenes, especially for the Internet. She likes the porn industry, not onlybecause she loves sex, but because it allows the freedom to spend her time with her family and the pay is not bad. She likes the ability to set their own schedule and decide whether or not wilwerken.
Mika Tan has also tried her hand at producing their own porn. It was the first Asian film with all Asian men. She found the casting of Asian men would be a challenge. During the casting call, she would emailask why they did not have scenes with Asian men. Mika Tan believes that there are just not many Asian male porn stars in the industry, so it is a lack of opportunity more than a choice.
She believes it's because Asian families have veelvan pressure on their husbands to be good and not to shame the family. Mika Tan also found that Asian men have a bad reputation for being small and that can lead to embarrassment. Ms. Tanconsiders that there are many misconceptions about the porn industry. It makes no difference in what she does for a living and see what does a model on Playboy TV. For her, it all looks the same, because all adult content.
In 2006, Mika Tan won two awards. One was Adam Film Award for best Asian Starlet and the other was a XRCO award Unusng Hero. In December 2007, the number of fetish and hardcore scenes Mika Tan for the Internetdone and video has grown to 1,350, partly because many studios began to re-compile her scenes in "best of" video clips, making it difficult to know which videos are the originals and any copies or partial mixes. She also takes custom orders reportedly her fans that provide a script, a scene beschrijvenen choosing the cast.
Mika Tan took over the hosting rights to the Me So Horny Internet radio show on KSEX, toreplacement of the former host Kaylani Lei. In 2007 she won an AVN Award for underestimate Starlet of the Year and in 2009 she won an Urban X Hall of Fame Award. In 2009, the self-described bisexual started working at the Moonlite BunnyRanch brothel in Nevada as a legal prostitute.
Mika Tan is now retired and is focusing its energies on the production, works as a makeup artist, studied film editing and post-production marketing, in addition to working as an independentconsultant for a large DVD distribution. Fortunately, you can still have the best Mika Tan porn tube videos for free on Askjolene in this massive exclusive collection of one of the most popular Asian porn stars of all time!

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