Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa, also known as Mia Callista in some porn scenes, is an exotic pornstar which skyrocketed to fame in 2014, though now she's not so many titles to her name to see if her fans. What caused Mia's sudden popularity? Well, its unique heritage is just a small detail. Mia is Lebanese and has a hot Middle East look that is not found in too many porn stars so. Shortly after shooting her first scene werepornography sites report that Mia was hunmeest searched pornstar.
Of course, some controversy arose when mainstream publications picked up on the fact that a sexy Lebanese girl not lived up to the conservative and moderate culture of many living in Lebanon. To rapidly after her first porn add to the controversy, Mia did another in some hair and a Middle East MILF wearing hijabs, the traditional Muslim head covering, and fucked by a white man. Of course youyou this very politicized scene here at Askjolene.
Some people found the multicultural kinky porn, and others had a big problem with it. Doing this scene was Mia many new fans, but it also brought some serious haters and even alleged threats via social media. This major controversy caused to explode Mia on social media, and even reflected in the mainstream media people about the meaning of such a video,ultimately adding to its fame. However, there are articles online that say that her family is not too happy about her carrièrekeuze.In an article, even Mia says her parents have stopped talking to her.
Her fame has led to a number of great things for Mia. First musician Drake reportedly tried to get Mia via a direct message on Twitter, where Mia has about 770,000 followers. Mia closing the notoriously sensitivepop star. The music group Time Flies also wrote a song called "Mia Khalifa," dedicating it to her utter sexiness and fun personality. Plus, a Lebanese beverage company posted an ad with Mia'shandtekening dorky thick frame in addition to their drink, like a surefire way to sell more units!
Of course Mia's hot body, which is quite petite 5 feet, 2 inches, with nice juicy 36DD boobs, has also contributed to its fame. Her body is decorated withtattoos that relate to their homeland Lebanon. She has the Lebanese national anthem and the Lebanese Forces cross inked on her sexy bid. Although many people in Lebanon are Muslims, Mia is a Catholic. She was born in deMidden East nation in 1993, and moved to the United States around 2000. Unlike most porn stars, not in Los Angeles live, but remain in Florida, where there is still a budding porn industry its interests - bothbusiness travelers oriented alike.
Mia lost her virginity later than some other girls, but she is definitely lost time now. The size of the cock that Mia prefers is actually between 4 and 7 inches - so it's not really a big queen. For Mia hetmeer information about what can the cock to her horny and wet pussy. Mia does not really date or sleep around outside of work. She said in an interview online that she works only 3-4 times a month so they ...is a kind of horny! She also does a lot of shows cam for her adoring fans. The kind of porn that Mia says she likes to watch when not shooting is gang bang with creampie cum scenes, proving that they really like a hardcore filth.
If they do not shoot porn, watching Mia loves football. Her favorite team is the Florida State Seminoles, a college team, and she squirts her love for them all over social media. She also says that a winning game for theSeminoles's her biggest turn on! However, when it comes to the actual dating related turn us - Mia says that intelligence is paramount. In an interview, she said she would only date guys who a BA or BS or higher. It only makes sense, because Mia has her BA in history and enjoys reading. They often Watze is currently share reading with their followers and fans on Twitter and Instagram. Mia says that she really attracted to lacrosse players because theyknow how to use their hips in the bag.
How does a sexy Lebanese girl from a conservative family eventually starring in porn movies and making waves, even in the mainstream media? Well, it's pretty simple! She was just in her work, basically flipping burgers, and someone asked her if she wanted to star in a porn movie. Of course, she said yes. It's all history from there.
Mia has performed in more than a dozen porn scenes so far,and show most of them with her completely shaved pussy. Mia has done a couple masturbation scenes, but it also holds for hardcore fucking scenes that end with a cum facial, or even shoot a creampie in certain cases. Askjolene is the perfect place to check each Mia Khalifa scene. When Mia's career grows and makes them even more movies, expect to krijgennog more populated official Mia Khalifa pornstar page with Askjoleneawesome hardcore porn movies, starring today's sexiest Lebanese lady!

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