Melanie Jagger

Melanie Jagger is a porn star who was born in Las Vegas, Nevada under the constellation Pisces. She is a white American who has green eyes and dark brown hair. Sometimes she dyed her hair blonde or red, but overall it carries brunette. Her length is measured at 5 feet 3 inches and weighs 116 pounds. Its body measures 34C-25-36 and she is proud that her body is 100% natural. There are no tattoos on her body at all, but theygot a couple piercings after working in business for a year or so. Her tongue has more than a piercing, and she has pierced her nipples, navel and clit hood. Some alias names assigned to her through the years Melanie, Melanie Jaggers, Melonie Jagger, Melony Jagger and contain Vanessa.
Her career in adult films began in 2002, when she was in her early to mid-twenties. Prior to that, as a bartender and waitresshad worked for a few different locations. She began working in the internet all girl scenes in her hometown of Las Vegas and during a scene they happened to a man who used to meet to create films for her manager. Initially she planned to work only lesbian themed films as they had before. One of the first was called "Hot Showers 6" and was produced by Hustler Video and directed by Clive McLean. Her scene is the third on thedisk and performs with Sarah Wright. They're in a small pool together when they get naked and start sucking each other's nice tieten.Melanie gets her pussy fingered and licked. The girls trading positions and then use dildos on each other before the scene is through.
Shortly after her arrival in the industry, the higher rate of pay for working with boys had her leaving her plan a girls-only career. In fact, they went all-in and put anal,double penetration, interracial and all other sexual acts on her willing to do list. One of those movies was called "Anal Assault" and was produced by Mayhem Productions and directed by Skeeter Kerkove. Miss Jagger appears at the beginning of the film in a trio with Steve Hatcher and Tyce Bune. After chatting with the cameraman and warming herself with her own hand, one of the guys licks her cunt while she gives a blowjob to the second. Shefuck her in a few positions and then invite her twin in a pair as well. Climbing to the top, she takes a cock in her ass and cunt again and ends the scene by receiving two facial cumshot.
Ms. Jagger provided a sit down interview only a few months in her career and talked about how she got started and why she decided to go as fast hardcore. The main reason for them the start of movies was just mentions that she needed to work andincome for themselves. After some experience in doing nude and lesbian scenes for websites gave her all the confidence she needed. The rest of it was really no different for her and so she made an easy transition to full DVD scenes. The decision to go hardcore so quickly was the fact that you can earn a lot more money and she had met a lot of people in the industry and got to see that they were very nice and attentive. Chancesif she was mistreated at the beginning of her career, she would never have considered the more hardcore line of work. It was because of her vast experience early on that she made the call and was glad she did.
When it comes to her lesbian sexual encounters on film, she is asked if she likes girls in her personal life. Melanie replied that she really and will often hang out with girls like-minded too. If they ever feel like fooling around when they do, butthere is no pressure or sense of a relationship, so it's very casual. As for having anal sex at home when she's in movies, she says, really is not that she does not belong. She had tried once before working in porn and did not like it, dushet is something they do strictly for her porn career. When she asked about her life and how she grew up, Melanie says with a straight face that she was probably the most conservative minded manschool. Most of the people they went to school with probably be shocked to learn they do porn. Her parents already know about it and while her father did not talk at all, her mother's full support and willing to talk about anything.
Melanie has a gestagevriendje in her life and the two of them are fully invested in her porn career at this point in time. While he does not work in the porn industry itself as a performer,He is working on her career online in any way he can. He would often accompany her to the film sets, but not always, and it is never for any reason other than to be with her if she needed anything. She asked if she would like the scene where he was fucking her and she says yes filming, but she would actually willenlet fuck him another girl. Although the couple has done a lot of things together sexually, they rarely seek a third person to their bedroombring, but she is willing to do so. They have a healthy and open relationship and she is proud because so many couples split consider a career in porn enters the picture.
Melanie Jagger is now retired from starring in movies, but her career spanned a full seven years until 2009. Her name appears in the credits of more than 228 titles endus not that its web-only scenes and photo galleries. Catch her in her most compelling roles here Askjolene!

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