Madison Chandler

Madison Chandler is a white American porn star who was born in the state of North Carolina. She has long strawberry blond hair and blue eyes and is a Scorpio according to astrology. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs only 99 pounds. Her body measurements 34C-24-34 and she is all natural from head to toe. She has several tattoos, including 4 butterflies on her left shoulder blade, several small stars include on her lower leg and two marks on her rightside. She also has a few body piercings on her left cheek, lip, both nipples and navel. Because she is still very new in the porn industry has not so far gained many alias names. All that is known to have been Madison.
She had her start in the porn business in the summer of 2011 when she posed and modeled exclusively for websites. She has a very cute and charming southern accent and always try to be prepared when they arriveon the set. Usually with a large suitcase ofzakje different sexy outfits, bikinis and lingerie in the event that a driver would like them to try something else. One of her first scenes DVD reach was in the movie "I Know That Girl 8" - she appears in the fourth scene and outdoor tanning by the pool. A man watching her and asks her to show some skin for the camera and flashes her tits to him. After some talking he gets her toto take off hair over her bottoms and then. She swims naked and then joins the manin the shade, where she sucks on his cock. After a blowjob she climbs on top of him and fucks him from that position. Missionary position comes next and finally he fucks her from behind, he pulls out and ejaculates on her ass to the place to eliminate.
Miss Chandler is a girl who loves her small town upbringing and hopes to never grow.Like most people when they first explore a big city, she feels lost among so many skyscrapers and alleys. On her way to her first job at an unknown studio, she missed her train supposedly stop and wound up a few miles away. She had little trouble improvise quickly and had a free ride on the way back to the studio. One of her early scenes to DVD in the release called "Big gulps 15" BangProductions. She has a scene with male costar Shaggy, where the highlight is her great blowjob skills. They actually considers her oral sex skills as one of its best attributes As dialog box comes to her and it's really hard to argue against this claim.
Madison responded to a simple question and answer style email for a website where she gives her favorite things in different categories. There are simple questions like what herfavorite magazine Cosmopolitan and she replies. She's the type of girl who does not need an extensive and expensive meal, in fact, one of her favorite food is pizza and drinking cola. Madison liked the movie called TheButterfly Securities and television shows them all to Criminal Minds. Her typical makeup routine is very simple and rarely consist of more than a little cream and some eyeliner. It's nice for her on set and some professional makeup,but do not ever expect her to look as if casually hanging around. Reportedly she had never told her family about working in adult films and when they might say out they were less than happy. But zeheeft always enjoyed the support of friends and family and that has not changed.
She appears in the 2013 production called "Dirty Pretty 4", which was produced by New Sensations and directed by Eddie Powell. She linkedXander Corvus in the fourth scene and she's on the receiving end of a full body massage as the scene begins. He kisses her as he rubbed her back and then she flips over giving him access to her tits. He loves licking her toes before hijterug her nipples and mouth. It's good to play before he dives between her legs and licks her pink wet cunt. It is sucking his dick in her turn next and he pushes into her mouth and throat as well. They fuck forfirst in missionary position and then in the spoon position with Mrs. Chandler moaning all the time. After sucking his dick some more she rides on top while he pushes up into her at the same time. Finally, in his missionary position again pulls out and gives her body a good squirt of cum to finish the scene.
Miss Chandler said she really enjoyed visiting the Miami area, Florida. She has not gotten to travel to many places still in itsadult career, but chances are that they did not chance it gets long. She looks forward to the opportunity to see some tropical locations or possibly Hawaii. It's always been a fantasy of her to Italy as many as she can see. Nothing like eating your favorite style of food in hetwerkelijke country. Madison When asked what kind of work they could do if it were not for the adult industry, she canonly say that it is probably an entry level job would be something. If they are lucky, then perhaps a receptionist for an office. Because it all, she and her fans are very satisfied with the way her adult career is working out.
Madison Chandler is still new in the industry and has only performed in about 12 titles since its debut. Many of them are compilations of scènesdie first appeared on adult websites. She is definitely arising star and her all natural beauty can go very far if she stays with it.

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