Lyla Lei

Lyla Lei is an Asian American woman who was born in Providence, Rhode Island and raised in Long Beach, California area. She is a Capricorn of the zodiac charts and has black hair and brown eyes. Her height is 5 feet and weighs only 99 pounds. She has body sizes from 32A-24-34 and she has never had a breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures. She has several tattoos on her body with the first being a dragon design on her rightshoulder. The travel-reaching form a design with offset vines a heart in the middle of which is located on her lower back. She has no piercings apart from both ears. She is known by several aliases containing Kyla Lei, Lei Layla, Leila Lee, Leila Lei, Leyla Lei, Lilah Lae, Ly Len, Lyla, Lyla Lia and Lyla Loi. Her ethnic background is a mixture of French, Thai, Lao, Chinese and Cambodian. Both her parents were mixed to start with a group, so sheeach. She speaks English, some Thai, sommigeCambodjaanse and a little Chinese.
Her first foray into adult entertainment came in 2002 when she had to go to the point in her twenties. She was discovered by male porn actor and director TT Boy and made its debut late in the year. Prior to that she had worked in a law firm and as a medical assistant for a local doctor. One of her first films was called "Asian Fever 10", which wasproduced by Hustler Video and directed by Ray Anderson. She's in the pool room wearing a sexy red dress and with Lee Stone. He starts undressing her and then goes down to her pussy and fingers her ass at the same time. She sucks on his cock next and then they fuck rise initially and then in several other positions. As they ride on top of his dick, he fucks her in the ass. For a large final, strokinghis cock until ejaculating all over her face.
Most of the roles Lyla were in the Asian genre because her look is so strong Asian. Because she is willing anal sex on film also lands them in a variety of roles in that niche, like "Filthy Little Whores 8" Sinister Productions, which was directed by Bud Lee. Her scene is the first and it is with Alex Sanders, soon strips her naked. He licks her beautiful cunt and thenshe gets to lick the oral action of his balls and suck his cock. He fucks her from behind and then slides his dick in her tight ass while the camera zooms in for a closer look. They keep the anal action, as she lies on her back. The scene comes to an end, when he gives her a facial cumshot and she licks his dick completely clean of cum.
After he had finally an interview in which she spoke in the business for a full four years, about her personal andprofessional life. The interviewer is surprised that she has not been asked to talk about themselves before and she explains that she thinks it's because she is not a cover girl, just a hardworking girl porn. Lyla moved to California from the East Coast at a very early point in her life, but she remembers how beautiful it was in Rhode Island. She has no family in the United States, but has some in France, Cambodia and Thailand. Her immediate family is freelarge, though as she is one of eight siblings. It is the third oldest among its siblings, which consists of 5 sisters, and two brothers. Speaking of family, Ms. Lei was very upfront with her parents about what she was doing for a living from hetbegin. She was then told that if she loves what she does she has to do her best to make it.
Speaking about how she got started in the industry, Lyla says she shopping one day in the Sherman Oaks area when TT Boy approached her.She talked and he said he wants to see her work in movies and made her his business card. It took about a week to think about it and finally decided that because she loves being the center of attention they would gevenhem conversation. She says that if she had not met him that day that they could work in a law firm that she had worked in before. When it comes to her favorite kind of sex, Lyla absolutely loves getting fucked in the ass, but stillmore she likes to be double penetrated. "There is no better feeling than having two cocks inside of you." is what she says in her interview. Is fucked from behind while she's on her knees is the ultimate position for her as well. They ookhoudt to masturbate and she does it every day of her life. She sleeps with her favorite vibrator next to her bed and used it well when she wakes up in the morning.
In 2005, Lyla was nominated by AVN for its Best Anal Sex Sceneaward. She is not someone who limit themselves to only one form of sex, because they proved several times in her lesbian themed sex scenes. Sex toys are fun for Lyla even if they showed in "Ultimate Strap-On Super Slam 12" where she a lesbian scene with lots of toys. Even if she works 10 hours a day on a porn set getting fucked by two guys and what toys they want to be fucked by her boyfriend when she gets home. Lyla is a true nymphomaniac and saysthat nothing will stop her getting fucked pussy.
Lyla Lei conducted in more than 339 titles during her career. She retired in 2007 and announced that she was retiring her stage name and is now called "Terri". A number of films and scenes were released alsrecent as 2013 with her performances but it's hard to be sure if they were filmed recently or in the can, pardon the pun, since its early days in front ofthe camera. Check out the best Lyla Lei fuck movies here Askjolene!

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