Lisa Sparxxx

Lisa Sparxxx, now under the name Lisa Sparks, is a 34-year-old which spans between the many niches of porn stardom and straddles herself on more cock than even the most experienced whores you've ever worshiped. BBW her curvy body and credentials come 36EE-32-40 and those big tits are absolutely 100% genuine! At five feet eight inches tall and sporting six tattoos, including a self-proclaimed tramp stamp on her back, Lisa is a wild girl with an even wilder past!
Shedid not call themselves eenpornstar because she thinks the term is presumptuous. Instead, she prefers to call herself a mattress actress' and like any good mattress Lisa makes sure she is always put to good use. In fact, she holds the current record for the largest ever gangbang of a scene being filmed at a live event in Poland. Sparks reached the world gangbang record with 919 penetrations of approximately 250 different men in Warsaw on October 16, 2004,Poland within the framework of the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship and Eroticon 2004. That is 919 cum anal, oral and vaginal sex as 250+ different men spewed loads of cum all over this world class whore and prove Lisa Sparxxx has three holes sustainability than perhaps any other woman in history.
A natural country girl born and raised in Kentucky, where she later went on to become a graduate, Lisa Sparxxx and her husband arrivedtogether in adult films. Avid swingers always a have open relationship, deSparxxx realized quite early in their marriage that Lisa could earn a lot of money and earn a ton of fame shaking her ass in front of the camera and spreading her legs for fans all to see. She first appeared in a XXX video release entitled dirtier Debutants # 4 with Ed Powers. What nobody knew at that time how much that decision would take them and how deep in theworld of fetish smut Lisa was willing to go as the times.
Now, looking back on a career spanning almost a decade, Lisa Sparxxx has a very loyal fan base, based on its willingness to engage in interracial sex with some of the biggest black dicks stunt ever filmed. Credited with the porn people responsible for discovering the legendary black cocksman Mandingo, and famous for havingdozens of huge cocks pumping in and out of her during a single sex session on film, as it was large and black, there's a damn good chance Lisa has already sucked and fucked it!
Lisa married rechtvan high school when she was 18 years old. Her husband was 20 at the time and in the military. From their perspective, Lisa Sparxxx share them were already plenty of other people on private swinger parties so it was to be a natural progression to the next step and startall on film.
What many porn fans might not know is that Lisa Sparxxx is undeniably right. She is in a handful of scenes do threesomes or orgies action, but you will not zienkut her food or sharing long wet kiss too many girls. While most porn stars are bisexual, Lisa would prefer a black guy with a ten inch cock pumping her ass and another guy pounding nine inches into her cunt while a third man was with her deep throat his eight inchesthen in a sensual scene with a single girl of sixty-nine.
Lisa has great deep throat skills, a juicy ass and amazing big natural tits, but most fans call her intense eyes as her best feature. To her zienop 100s of feature length DVDs, or you can see all of her best free porn tube videos every time you're in the mood to watch Lisa Sparxxx having her holes filled seen here Askjolene.
Always interested in connecting with her fans, Lisa Sparxxx Twitter account has more than 44,000 followers and 12,000 tweets. While it is true that Lisa more people probably already fucked than the total number of them following her on twitter, she probably shared more of himself than metfans intimate with strangers who have fucked her. That's the strange thing about intimacy as it is a slut XXX as Lisa, fucking and friendship absolutelynothing to do with each other.
In its ongoing efforts to branch out into mainstream entertainment, Lisa Sparxxx has appeared on Season 2 of The Surreal Life, hip hot artist Murs' music video for "Risky Business" and Spike TV's Manswers when they did a feature story about her gangbang wereldrecord.Ongetwijfeld her most outrageous act was during the Surreal Life when the crew crafted one of the shows in post-production that looks like Lisaoffered to Erik Estrada (CHIPS fame) to give a blowjob. In fact, Erik Estrada asked how a pool party but a "porn" should his party and Lisa replied, "If this is a porn party we would be in and I would probably give a blowjob, most likely" But not sure the issue of beantwoordenal not Lisa was willing to suck his cock as he had asked.
As Lisa continues to develop her career shenew challenges and also running a number of roles that originally made her famous. Director earn credits on films Assault My Ass 1 and Head Clinic. Later parlaying that success in its own manufacturing and merchandising company - Lisa has proven to be successful in the boardroom and the bedroom. However, to give its new decision on anal sex roles combined methaar longstanding personal ban gay roles and leavingmany fans feel her best videos can be the ones she already filmed in her career. Fortunately, you can find the best fucking ass, sucking big dick and interracial gangbang action of Lisa Sparxxx pornotube see free videos here right now!

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