Lethal Lipps

Lethal Lipps is an African-American porn star, who was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She has black hair, brown eyes and was born under the zodiac sign of Leo. She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs just around 165 pounds. Her body measurements are 40DD-34-48 and she has not had breast or other improvements. She has a tattoo on her body, which is a very large design on her back. For body piercings she has pierced her nipples and clit hood and wear ringsin them. She has only éénbekend alias Lethal. Lately she lives in Queens, New York.
She began working in the porn film in 2002, when she approached her twenties. Before that she had worked as a stripper called Obsession, and she admits that her first night they only made about forty dollars, but she was hooked. The feeling of dancing around in front of a group of men with no clothes on was the greatest thrill of herlife. As she explains, a person working 40 hours per week at the Time had an average income of forty dollars per day. So to her way of thinking, each stripper who could come home with more than forty dollars a day really happy that they got to be naked, have fun and earn the same amount of money. One of the first films for adults that they ever appeared in was called "Hit It From The Back 3", which was produced by X-level and below appearedthe name Lethal.
"All That Azz 15: Live From New York" was produced by West Coast Productions scary directed, by Lee G. In this film she is with her full artist name appears in a scene dressed in white lingerie, stockings and long white boots. She is playing in a room with her tits when a knock at the door interrupts her. She let a few boys who will soon play with rubbing her body and her pussy. Finally, only one manand she goes down on his stiff cock, suck the whole thing deep in her throat. She rides on top of his dick and then he penetrates her pussy achteren.Hij fucks her tight ass too, then cums on finished outside the scene!
Lethal says that perhaps the biggest misconception about her is that she fucking all day every day when it's not like that at all. She has a few days a week and on those days she will be filmed in the studio or wherever the scene, and she isfor long hours. After that time, they just like any other person a day. They relax, go shopping, resting her body today is doing things around the house the same as everyone else. She wants people to know that just because someone is working in adult films that does not mean they all fucking day long in their personal lives as well. For her, as she puts on her porn name she's a different person altogether. Lethal Lipps is a girl with loose morals and a sex drive that will not quit. When theyThe set will exit though, she transforms back to her real persona to the next business day.
She calls it her preference in men has changed since she got a little older. They are used to keep long skinny guys and never enjoyed the bodybuilder style of the man. She liked to look at them and they looked beautiful with their shirts off, but beyond that have done nothing for her muscular body. She also says that she does not want a man who is good fornothing but his cock. If she's the one cooking and cleaning and taking care of family and people driving all over the city, while her husband is doing isniets, that's just not going to work for her. Miss Lipps says that a man like him, the door will be faster than he ever came in the door in the first place.
Ms. Lipps is known for its ability to deep throat cocks and she has already demonstrated he sucked a full 18 inch dildo without gagging. Her big bootyis also known, and she loves anal sex in all her scenes. They get the chance again in the 2007 film "Ba Dunk a Bounce 4", which wasgeproduceerd by Red Light District and directed by Juan Cuba. Her scene is the fourth and its partner D-Snoop who finds her wearing a sexy outfit and pests while playing with her clit. He goes to her and licks her pussy before she takes his dick in her throat. He fucks her first while she's on the top and then whileleans forward with its butt in the air. He fucks her ass while in the spoon position and then in missionary position. Finally, he strokes his dick and cumsover her big ass.
Her big ass gets the spotlight again in "Outrageous Asses 2" Lucky Luciano Productions, which was directed by Michael Stefano. He along with Lethal appears in the first scene of the film. She wears a pink bikini that really is not her bodycontain all and after a swim, she climbs out. She does a booty bounce him before he licks her pussy and fuck her on the bed. She sits on his face and plays with her big tits entepel rings. It's his turn to some oral pleasure to her sucking and giving him some deep throat action. After fucking her ass in a few positions he gets ready for the scene to end.
Lethal Lipps is still an active pornstar though not quiteoften appear. With its 48 inch ass she often cast in big ass of BBW porn movies and has published to date in approximately 35 titles during her career, see its most compelling scenes here at Askjolene!

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