Leah Luv

Leah Luv is a blonde, all-American pornstar who was born in Long Beach, California in July 1984. She is 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs 114 pounds. Her measurements 36A-24-34 and she is credited with making dental braces followed a popular part of the porn performing eighteen and nineteen year old loved her legendary examples XXX action.
Growing up, Leah Luv excelled in school. She describes herself as a nerd and a huge geek. Shewas very intelligent ones went to school every day, always turning in her homework on time. Leah Luv was an honor roll student for 12 years based on interviews online. She worked at fast food restaurants and an arcade place at the mall. During those early years, she had problems with her teeth and had to wear braces.
The brackets not stop Leah Luv entering the porn industry at the age of 19 in 2003. She worked as a dancer, but necessarymake more money, because she was allegedly gediagnosticeerdmet cancer and had to pay for her treatments.
She met a bouncer which Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes and South Jim knew the officer in World Modeling. She went in for a meeting and they told her that there are many more opportunities in porn to make money than they first anticipated. They took some pictures and came up with a stage name for her. Leah Luv did her first scene for EdPowers and enjoyed it so much that they decided to do porn scenes as her new adult film career blossomed. According to interviews, after six months, she decided that her performance was not as good as some of the other female porn stars. She realized she just was not putting in the effort required to produce a really big scene, because she was still a bit shy and nervous - although fans were happy with her pornvideos.
They finally managed to overcome her shyness by realizing that if she was going to succeed in the porn industry, they should let go and really have some fun in her scenes. That's exactly what she did and she is going strong ever since. During her porn career, she has often appeared on camera with her braces, which has attracted many fans. She has full vaginal fisting and other additives and squirting scenes donemultiple websites proves she has real hardcore talents.
Her favorite sexual acts deepthroating and fucking a woman with a strap on. Her ultimate move is having her pussy sucked enlikte, licking another woman, sexy body, beautiful women and the bad guys as an interview. Her favorite sexual position 69 is surprising, and her ultimate sexual fantasy is having a man fuck before tearing her clothes off and 69 for a whileFor the rest of the night.
Leah Luv discovered that they like the people they are with, and she especially liked the money, not to mention all the attention and publicity. Leah enjoys posing for different layouts enmodellering. Her favorite part of the porn industry is all the traveling she gets to do. Due to the money she earned, she is able to buy just about anything they wanted. The porn industry has allowed them a lifestyle theyenjoy and that they plan to go back to school now that momentum claim that she retired from films. She loves every aspect of the porn industry, because it has helped turn her life; Porn and without them may not even be alive because it was the only way she knew cancer treatments afford in its time of need.
Leah Luv also credits the porn business with helping her make lifelong friendships with other porn stars likeHillary Scott, Leah followed to the inspiration for her career. The two are inseparable considered by insiders and not just hang out together, but also trios done on the camera. Leah Luv enjoys especially look fucked Hillary Scott. When asked why, Ms. Luv noted that victory is not doing scenes with Hillary Scott, because they really get into the scene. Both find it rough and they want to spray on each other and play together.
She feels that thesignificant honest and sincere interpersonal relationships she has in the porn industry developed would not materialize if she was not in porn. For Leah Luv, with this kind of friendship means everything to her. Although she considers herself to be bisexual, she Luvs still a good hard lul.Het is something they can not do without leven.In 2006, Leah Luv CAVR received an award nomination for Star of the Year and was a FAME Award finalist for Favorite OralStarlet. In 2007 she was again honored with the same award recognition, a FAME finalist along with his nomination nominated for Dirtiest Girl in Porn. That same year she was also nominated for Best Oral Sex Scene Video AVN Award for "Hard Candy."
Also in 2007, she stopped performing in front of the camera and began working behind the screen anarchy films as director. Her first title sold very well and got good reviews. She was part timework, but when they had a chance to work offered full time. Leah Luv took the opportunity and succeeded in working with Anarchy. She feels happy in her job and everyone is like family to her. They felt that they study in a good place, financially stable, happy and making plans to return to school for interior and criminal law. She decided on these two very different career paths, because if one does not work out, she couldalways fall back on the other side. With her training, Leah Luv is planning to make six or seven figures a year, so they can live comfortably and a future for her family.
Leah Luv is one of the few people who always had a clear vision of what she wanted and took measures had to achieve those goals. She's strong, passionate and energetic, speaks her mind and know the kind of person and mother she wants she'll do whatever it takes to achieve her dreams andnot pay attention to any negative thing that can be written or said about her.
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