Kitty Fox

Kitty Fox is a porn star who was born in Mount Carmel, Illinois. She's a Pisces as the star of astrology and has blonde hair and brown eyes. She stands about 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs about 180 pounds. Her body dimensions are measured at 34DD-28-38 and she had to help her breast shape. She never had any tattoos, piercings or other body art. The only name she ever been credited with Kitty Fox and porn fans only know herby that stage name. She is a white American woman.
She was born and raised in a small rural area in southern Illinois. She went to school and graduated from high school Miss Fox in the year 1960. enrolled in college, she had very typical college experience and graduated with a boyfriend named Arthur Hergett. After graduating in 1964, the couple married and remain married for the next forty years. Inabout 1971 they moved to Delas Vegas, Nevada area where she worked in a beauty salon for twelve years. In 1983 she took a shot at working on the Vegas Strip as a topless showgirl and really loved the thrill of showing her bare breasts to the public.
Miss Fox began working in the field of adult entertainment in 1992, when she was about fifty years old. She had worked as a model when she was asked to go naked and thought whynot because she was working mostly naked as a showgirl. Naverschijnen in various men's magazines a photographer asked her if they are interested in being scheduled for a porn would be the following year and she eagerly took the opportunity to do it. The film was called "Nympho Heaven" and see them in several films produced and directed by Mike Hott in its debut year. Titles are "MH Home Video 228: Horny Couples 12""MH Home Video 229: Lesbian Sluts 12" and "MH Home Video 253: Older Gals4." In most of these movies she appeared only naked, but also carried out with other women in lesbian scenes.
Kitty was widely known as one of the original MILF's ever work in the porn industry. She was one of the first women to enter the business at the age of fifty. She was reported to have said that she enjoyed having sex in front of thecameras so much that it did not take her long at all to decide that working in movies was a perfect fit for her. She was determined uitheel early to continued demand in the porn industry for as long as studios and its fans to come back. Her first foray into the adult entertainment field as a showgirl never prepared her entirely for the pleasure they feel would begin after sex on film. She was quite well known for her love sucking hardcore sex,roosters, cream pies, lesbian sex scenes and interracial hardcore scenes.
When they broke into the showgirl scene was almost completely random. One of her friends was eenshowgirl who go about on holiday, except for the fact that they had problems finding was filling her in person. Kitty was very nervous even thinking about doing it, but left her friend to learn her routine and encouragement decided to try it. According to ainterview she gave, she said she usually willing everything a try and if she does not like it, they just do not do it a second time. It turned out that she really liked the cheers enLeers she received while on stage. As for her husband, he was excited and told her to go for it. The couple was always very adventurous to begin with, so it was just as well for him a thrill.
When Kitty was approached to appear in nudepictures was another learning curve for her. She did not even know how to pose, but she says the photographer was very patient and helpful. He basically told her how every part of her body pose for every picture at first. Haarman was there for the sessions and was really supportive and reassuring presence for her. When asked what it was like being naked in the photos, she explains that by that time she had been a swinger, worked in a toplessbar and on the Vegas Strip was topless so it never bothered her. Her photographs were featured in more than 40 magazine and people on their swingers conventions were really interested to see more of her. When the opportunity came to appear in porn films, she gewoonmet power as she puts it. It was never a goal for her to be a pornstar or anything, but it just happened and they enjoyed it.
Miss Fox began directing films in 1995The series called "Kitty's Kinky Kapers" which was produced by Totally Tasteless Video. She co-directed her first two episodes with DD Lyon, but then took the driver's seat only. She directed and starred in five episodes in this series. Each scene in each episode featured her and she an editor for more than 50 magazine was, she had pictures in every song.
Kitty suffered an aneurysm in late 2003 and then had a stroke in2004. She was in the hospital and home care when her husband Arthur died in 2005 and then its website no longer active. Reportedly, her daughter did not want to associate more with the porn industry. Kitty Fox died in September 2006 at the age of 64. During her career which zewas appeared in over 131 films and directed six of them. Fans and industry insiders joined her family and friends in mourning her loss.

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