Kelly Wells

Kelly Wells is a pornstar from Fulton, Illinois, born in May 1984 Growing up, she had many aspirations. She said she wanted a poet, painter and dancer. She was anti-social and stayed mostly to himself. Kelly liked an individual and not much more from. She describes herself as down to earth, calm and relaxed, wow have things ever changed for this filthy dirty talk fuck puppet!
Kelly Wells does not hang out with the popular crowd at school.Voorde first two years of high school, she was a good student, but that changed when she got older. She started to party and barely passed high school altogether. Kelly had a lot of fun hanging out and being a rebel. Because the town she grew up had a population of about 4,000 - they limited themselves romantic and did not sleep around a lot.
When she left high school, was Kelly Wells dream to become a film producer. She went to schoolfor two years and studied psychology, but to work it nietuit because they do not like it and never really applied himself. She did not want the kind of commitment or detained so Kelly decided she was wasting her time and moved on to the real world fairly quickly.
She worked as a pharmacy technician making about three hundred dollars a week. The man she was dating at the time told her that she could make a lot more money for something elsedoing so they agreed and tried to dance in strip clubs. In 2004 she began her career alseen stripper in a Las Vegas club. She met a woman escorting some porn and video did work. Her new contact Kelly Wells gave the number of an agent and soon Kelly was introduced into the porn industry at the age of 20. Her first scene was for the studio New Sensations.
When she first began porn Kelly Wells was just formoney, but later discovered that pornography was pleasant and as she continued her career started to enjoy it more and more and a lot wilder. She realized ookdat are nasty on camera was exciting and mentally stimulating for her hardcore fans. For Kelly, filming pornography was an adrenaline rush, and they used it as an outlet for her rebellious side. It also left her the bad girl she wanted to be, but never really had the chance to be. Kelly Wells likes having pornopened the closet freak that lies deep inside of her psyche.
There are few porn stars ever matched the intensity, ability to dirt or extreme fetish style speak Kelly Wells.Ruwe sex including humiliation, double anal penetration and nasty fetish kink are just a few of its specialties. Her favorite fantasy as its own online interviews is fucked by two guys with another girl dominates her at the samemoment.
Ms. Wells has starred in nearly 480 feature movies and has worked for some of the leading porn producers including Red Light District, Kick Ass Pictures, Anabolic Video, 3rd Degree Films, Elegant Angel, Devils Films and others. She ookgewerkt iconic porn star Vanessa Lane, Melissa Lauren and Belladonna. One of jamming her favorite scenes was a filthy fucking Sean Micheals his ten inch black cock balls deep in her sweaty dickbefore she blew him and swallowed ATM cum all with a smile!
She often uses the stage name Kelly Fuckin 'Wells and describes herself as "a bit like the girl-next-door with a kick." If they achieve doing a porn scene, it is difficult for her to cum voorvan the camera, but she has said that humiliation and extreme roleplay divert her attention away from the cameras and let her powerful orgasms watching with her fans.
At the beginningher porn career Kelly Wells filmed some scenes with Max Hardcore, which were later banned by most distributors. Never one to be away from extreme sex shy, Kelly Wells remains the kind of porn videos timid fans disgust, sensation turn off hardcore fans and impress even the most avid extreme porn lovers.
Kelly Wells is not afraid to try anything on camera, because they feel that it is a self-admitted sexual daredevil. Alsoshe understands that the wild persona she has carefully designed is one that allows her to make a lot of money, and she does not think her fans would be nearly as interested in her as she suddenly confined to softer more romantic couples porn movies .
Working in the porn industry is not her morals or her faith changed in life, but it has its individual veranderdals because she learns something new every day about people, situations and howdoing business. Kelly believes she makes money in porn, partly because of her physical abilities and mental stamina, but also because she has carefully selected the right people to work with and made smart decisions contract as a successful businesswoman.
Her work has been recognized by several porn industry nominations. She was nominated for XRCO's Orgasmic Analyst award two year which a row. In 2006, Kelly received an award nomination for Super Slut from XRCO. AlsoIn 2006, Ms. Wells was a FAME Award finalist for the perfect Slut - Dirtiest Girl in Porn. That same year, her AVN nominated for two awards, Best New Starlet and Best Group Sex Scene "Orgy World 9." In 2007 she followed that by receiving an AVN Award nomination for Best Threeway Sex Scene in "Mason's Sluts." In 2008 she was nominated for two AVN awards including Best Anal Sex Scene in "Cuckold" and Best Group Sex Scene in"Naomi's fuck me." Kelly Wells was also nominated in 2009 for Best All-Girl Couples Sex Scene in "Gape Lovers" and Unsung Starlet of the Year at the annual AVN Awards.
When it comes to dating, Kelly Wells would prefer dating a man outside the porn industry because she does not want sex to be together the main focus of their lives. She does not want someone who just wants hebbensex all the time, because that's what she does for the camera. She wantsin a committed, serious relationship. She has admitted that it is difficult to find a good man who himself safe enough to date her while out getting her fuckholes Bookworm by a pack of strange new film every week.
When she is not working, Kelly Wells likes to write, listen to music and kick back. She loves her own quotes about life and about the new things they learn to write every day. About dejaar, they collected hundredsquotes. She also likes to write poetry and metaphors.
Kelly said that she did not read much because she has attention-deficit and get bored easily, so writing helps her stay focused. When she reads, she likes to read about star signs and horoscopes. Although she enjoys the company of people, they would still prefer some of her quiet time to enjoy alone, where they can just relax and think.
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