Katja Kassin

Playful and fun, Katja Kassin is a pornstar born in Leipzig, Germany in 1979. She went to college and worked as a waitress back home before getting fucked on film in Germany 24 years. Her plan was to shoot porn in the US eventually, but she wanted to see if they liked the first and fortunately for XXX sex film fans Katja was addicted to cum in front of the cameras!
Katja Kassin found it easy to shoot her first scene because they didModeling three years for many websites, so she felt immediately at home in front of the camera. They worked mostly on solo photoshoots and soft core projects before in adult films.
Then she decided to become a porn star, Katja Kassin not someone's opinion, especially her family. She just told them one day about her decision and was not worried about their reaction. Katja felt she was old enough to make her own decisions and that she couldlive her life the way she wanted. It was hard for her family at first, but her mother understood later that she was pursuing a real career and she's a professional. Her family respects her now for independent and successful.
Katja Kassin decided in porn because of the good pay and it would make her have a chance to give a career in the United States. She wanted to do something with her life to get in and get out of her small town, which few otheropportunities. She took the name Katja on her first amateur fotoshootin 2000. She did not know that the models used stage names and the photographer she asked to use the name stuck and in 2002 she went to see her last name Kassin through a phone book.
Her role model is Silvia Saint, always her favorite pornstar before she was been there myself. She did not really watch a favorite scene and none of her movies, but her fans herheld in "Ass Worship 6." In addition to performing, zericht her first film for Kylie Ierlands SlutWerkz company called "to the end." Besides Katja Kassin himself, the film stars Sandra Romain, Jayna Oso, Ashley Blue and Sophie Dee. Because she was so busy performing her work has an effect on her personal life and they do not have much time for sex at home have not. When it comes to performing, she prefers the anal reverse cowgirl positionbecause they feel it looks best on camera.
Katja Kassin has an open mind and is very sexually experimental. She loves trying new and different things. She likes to perform in fetish and bondage movies as much as they want features, but it does have a limit. They will not perform creampie internal cumshot scenes for any type of film.
She appeared in more than 560 titles, most anal scenes. Katja loves taking two cocksat the same time because it's fun and it feels good, but perhaps a more important reason is that she knows it makes her more eenveel known porn whore. She is very skilled at and believes that in order to anal doable, performers just needs a lot more than they do practice. She also has a unique skill and can fist her own ass. That's quite a feat considering she's just barely five feet tall. She feels that society think anal sex is taboo and that is anotherwhy she likes it.
In 2003, Katja Kassin won the Adam Film Award for Actress of the Year. It then won usage year Venus Jury Award for Best International Actress. In 2006, she landed a XRCO Award for Best Orgasmic Analyst. That same year she also won the AVN Award for Best Solo Sex Scene in 'Anal Showdown. " Later, in 2009, she received an AVN Award for Best POV Sex Scene in "Double Vision."
When it comes to her personal life, Katja Kassinand her husband enjoy leading a private life. She met him on the set and hit the couple immediately. They married in 2004 scary staple spending time together at home, where they have sex with each other only. For Katja fuck other people is a career, not part of a swinger lifestyle. Katja Kassin not lead the same life as she portrays the camera. Many of the things they do on the set does not translate to her personal life.
itsfunniest moment was when she set a movie was shooting with a German theme. She was asked to help her co-star learning the German dialogue. She did her best to teach them, but did not get victory and living in her interviews, the film was a nonsensical mess of gonzo fuck and very badly spoken German.
She describes herself as straight as she performs with women on camera, but she has never met a lesbian in herpersonal life. Her favorite female porn star to work with is Jada Fire, and they would like Suze Randall works for a photo spread of Stormy Daniels hardcore in her roles.
Today Katja Kassin iswerkt the launch of its feature dancing career. Working in the porn keeps her very active and they work not only to ensure her body remains fit and toned for her career, but also because it makes her feel better about herself. Katjahandled massive weight fluctuations during her XXX career, balooning to BBW status and return to petite anal performer size several times.
Katja Kassin spends her off-hours on social networking sites and writes on a few online boards. Also Zebeantwoordt emails and writes a blog. When she is booked on a shoot with another model, they will often go online to find information about that model so its fuckholes are well prepared legendaryperformance turn out in harmony with all her costars.
Her favorite American films "Memento" and "Butterfly Effect." She said in an interview that she loves sushi and ice cream, but not together. " Her favorite ice cream flavor iskaramel. When she comes home from work, she enjoys watching TV, hanging out with friends and going to the movies or art exhibitions.
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