Katie Morgan

Katie Morgan was born in March 1980 in the affluent suburbs of Orange County, California. From 2001-2010 she spent more than 250 feature length movies and starred in many scenes online too. When her career took a turn toward mainstream and continued popularity as a radio presenter, Hollywood actress and celebrity personalities have since then .... but not all start with such an optimistic start for Ms. Morgan.
While many new porn starscome from a life vanmoeite to make a spotless mainstream career in retail or other low-wage job, Katie Morgan actually got into porn because she was on bail after being charged in 2000 with transporting 100 pounds of marijuana across the Mexican-US border and needed money for her legal defense fund.
The legal issues surrounding Ms. Morgan caused her to take a four-month break in the skin biz,but after serving the time she returned to smut because she enjoys it so much. "I think it's great. I had fun, went to jail for four months and came back for more. I went crazy work bootcamp," Katie said in an interview.
From the beginning Katie Morgan was not the typical pornstar in so many other ways. She barely had sexual experience before being fucked on film. In fact, she was only one girl before doinggirls in porn. Her first lesbian porn experience was with Brandy Lyons, Katie and Brandy credits with making the whole transition much easier. However, it was Ed Powers which the honor of being Katie's first XXX hardcore Costar a fuck in the movie Dirty Debutantes Ed Powers' was # 197.
Katie Morgan had no commercial mindset of a typical pornstar. These days when her pornstar career starts she tries to choose a marketable name, andthey can be the Internet domain for when she is ready to loosen its own official website. Unfortunately, Katie koos her first name as a reference to Scarlet O'Hara in Gone with the Wind and its name is a tip of the hat to Captain Morgan Rum. The domain name was already in use by a tennis player and later a Consulting Creative Marketing guru web home of someone named Katie Morgan, which was ironically building websites and ad campaignsthe United States Military, the large financial investments and other blue chip companies. Raised in a devout Catholic family, Katie was taught at home and to this day they are trying very hard not to say what she calls "game of words." In fact, during an interview in 2003 she said: "I do not like to swear They tell me to say things and then they have the parts where I laugh cut." Because profanity is something they are not accustomed to hear orsay.
Katie is a very perky 34D-24-34 with natural tits. When asked in an interview if they plan to keep its natural look instead of getting her breasts enlarged through plastic surgery, they quickly replied, "Of course I have them, I love them, I love them. . " Her innocent personality and penchant for showing fans how they naturally without having offered the jaded cynicism by layers of other porn starsis perhaps why so many fans love Katie Morgan.
While they will not speak on camera without being asked and had almost no sexual experience before getting into porn films, Katie also chose her first interracial sex film with legendary eleven inch big black cock of Mandingo. In the West Coast Video release 'Chasing the Big Ones "she fucked in a jacuzzi but had to get out because they kept falling over. That's no surprise really when youconsidering the fact that Katie Morgan never as a stripper, because as they worked, "I can not dance. I fall over. Standing is very bad for me."
When asked if she ever zouoverwegen anal sex on film, Katie Morgan gave a typically forthright response. "Probably not always. When I get to that point, I think I will stop. I have [done in private], but I do not know what my face looks like I do, so I will not include it." Whichlevel of honesty in the interviews porn is completely unexpected that most porn stars have agents and media consultants to help them to stay on message.
Katie Morgan was nominated for the 2003 AVN Award for Best New Starlet. She won de2005 X-Rated Critics Organization Award for Unsung Siren and she was named the Jenna Jameson Crossover Star of the Year at the 2009 AVN Awards as the 2009 Mr. Skin Anatomy Award winner for Best Porn Star Gone Hollywoodthanks to her role in Zack and Miri Make a Porno.
Zack and Miri Make a Porno was a major turning point for Katie because it was directed by the legendary Hollywood cult classic creator Kevin Smith. That exposure leading to numerous appearances on shows like HBO Real Sex dieweerszijden border between evening entertainment and XXX action. Eventually HBO produced a documentary titled Katie Morgan: A Porn Star Revealed chronicles her transition from bailporn to mainstream. A series of radio success with performances at various shock jock shows result KSEXradio show and finally to her own Sirius smodcast too.
It seems that the 2010 release of Starlet Fever 3 Evolution Erotica video last porn Katie Morgan does can ever be. Mainstream her career on Sirius Radio, film career seem to love the legendary Kevin Smith and public appearances of its quite busy, but as we haveseen in the past, when Katie Morgan needs money, they know they can always money quickly shake her ass and getting fucked on film in front of millions of fans worldwide. You can get the best free porn tube videos Katie Morgan ever here now thanks to see your friends on Askjolene!

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