Jillian Janson

Jillian Janson has a gorgeous brunette fucked started in porn films right when she turned 18 years old. She was originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, but soon after they started having sex on camera Ms. Janson moved to California to be closer to the porn capital of the world. Jillian stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 136 pounds. She has a rigid body with perky 34C tits, a 25-inch waist and a nice solid 38-inch butt. She is known bya couple of different names since they began in 2013 debiz including Jillian Brookes, Anna Lynn Grace and Anna Lynn.
Jillian had a difficult start in life. She moved around a lot and once only shared a small camper with her mother, because money was tight. She tried living with her father, but she did not get along. Jillian stopped partying and hanging out with boys. She hated hanging out with local girls because they were too catty. A lot of peoplecondemned her for her promiscuous lifestyle and that's part of what caused her to adopt a deep independent streak, mainly because they do not like drama. Jillian does not date girls, and she had never done a licked or a woman until she started in porn, but now she has plenty of lesbian scenes and plenty bisexual trio that her learned that her bisexual tendencies have been powerful. Through pornography, has discovered Jillianshe really loves sex with women.
A few months after she turned 18 she packed her bags to do porn and moved to California. Her mother is OK with her decision because she knows Jillian's control over her life, but her father disowned her. Before doing porn, Jillian had a lot of sex and liked to watch porn, so she knew what she was getting into. She had tried web-cam and were picked up by an agent who helped her launch her career. Inher personal life she never did anal porn, and did not like anything messy does not. She was nervous about doing anal at first, although they love playing metbutt plugs and getting stuck a finger in her butthole during sex. Although she was a slut, she was pretty buttoned. Now she does it all and loves it. Jillian feels that her goal in life is to make other people happy by showing off her fuckmaking skills on film. All they want to do for the camera licking dick of a guy; although she has said she would like to throw a salad girl!
Jillian has learned a lot since entering the porn biz. According to an online interview zeecht pride themselves on the ability to take direction and apply them to the future scenes. She also loves to learn what the boys and girls in her scenes really whether lick ball or anything else.Jillian's favorite sex act is to eat them, because that is one way they actually cums. She loves fucked, but to lick her pussy is the surest way to make her cum with a man. She also wants to know more about how to inject themselves to learn to make. She says in an interview that zeheeft sprayed twice in her life, but would like to learn how to make reliable ejaculate her pussy.
Jillian has a high libido and usesget out of a Hitachi vibrator. They used it almost every day, if not more! It only makes sense, because now she does not really have sex except on camera. In her porn scenes, Jillian loves when a man cums on her face, her tits and in her mouth, because she believes that it is the most intimate way they can show their appreciation for her talent and hard work pushing in bed. Ms. Janson came into the porn biz already sucking a cock expert. She loves deep throat dick and shesays the biggest dick she's ever deepthroated was about 10 inches longs. That's a lot of dick in her tight throat!
In her personal life, Jillian likes guys who are big dark and handsome. She also has a keen interest in guys who can be dominant in the bedroom. Jillian's ultimate fantasy is to be tied up, blindfolded and played with often. When he brings her hair from bonds of fun, they would settle him in return.Hopefully this will happen in her porn career and if so you can you'll be able to watch it on Askjolene! Jillian has already learned so much from her career and she told an interviewer that the only place she felt she could truly be themselves and not be judged for it. She is also happy because the jobs they were for porn cul things like retail and waitressing which really did not interest her. In her spare time, like Jillian to the beach ordancing to music. Most of her time is spent hanging out with her friends or family who are very important to her.
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