Janet Mason

Janet Mason is a porn star who was born in Los Angeles, California and has beautiful red hair and blue eyes. She is a white woman who was born under the Aries constellation. She stands only 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs about 110 pounds making her very petite. Her body measurements are 32DD-23-35 gave her a very slim but busty figure. While Ms. Mason has no tattoos all over her body, she has a body piercing and it is to her navel. SheNever really had much aliasName because working in the porn industry, but is known as Janet Exposed. Janet is not only a performer, but also since joining the porn business a director for at least a full decade.
Janet got her start in the adult entertainment field, along with her husband in 1998 or so when they started their website. But really they started before that because they had always been in the swinging and hotwife lifestyle. In their personallife the couple were already taking ennaakt sexy pictures so according to her it was just a natural progression to make a real career. The couple also run another business with each other and would not change anything for the world. One of the first film she appeared in was also produced by the pair and was called "Cock Bodybuilder 1: Getting Down With Lo-Down" was released in 2000. The film includes Janet and black male porn starLo Down romp in a hardcore sex.
Her series called "College Cock" features Janet fucking many black men and the first episode was called "College Cock. 1: Mr Big ', pulling her on the bed with her younger stud he has a long cock and she is wearing bra and panties while stroking him. she sucks on his cock while using both hands to pull him out and he takes her bra and panties. he plays with her tits and licking nipples andshe is again sucking her cock and ball. she mounts him hard and he rittenop the top while the camera zooms in on the action. By the end of the scene he cums inside her pussy and some of it leaks out onto his cock as she hops off of him. She would be a total of nine episodes to the series until 2007. One of her earlier films were called "Fetish Fever 1: Patrick's Dream Cums True" and as the name suggests, revolvesall about foot fetish. She is in her living room wearing a sexy top and tight white shorts. Patrick is there and he is probably a fan of hers, in which small feet like hers. She was barefoot and he compliments her and massaging them for her and she kisses too. Janet teases rubbing him with her other foot his body with her and concentrate on his crotch. With his pants down now she's rubbing his obviously hard cock through his shorts with her twofeet. Now she rubs it all over his dick right before stripping down to her bra and black panties. He sucks on her toes while he strokes his own cock and finally he ejaculates on her feet with a lot of cum and then rubs her feet. Janet's "Fetish Fever" series would run 12 episodes and spanned eight years up to this point.
During a conversation about a decade datMevrouw Mason gave her adult career she was talking about herselfon and off the track. Because she and her husband this as a hobby on the side of their "real" jobs began, Janet never has a problem managing the money she earns. Say that it is actually less than it makes its normal activities, they usually just the banks the money and invest it back into the business. She is rarely recognized when she goes out, but occasionally it does and gets a kick van.Het is certainly not a deterrent to goingand living her life as normal. She and her husband do not regret anything and rarely need a situation where they are explaining something. They are not Hollywood actors and no big name porn stars either so they manage to fly under the radar for most unlike some hugely popular girls who do nothing but porn and tell everyone they can.
Janet Mason are some of her likes and dislikes on aWeb and it's volinformatie both men and women because they are bisexual. Primarily as a health and fitness buff herself, she is turned on by men and women who clearly care for their physical appearance. Bodybuilders are a plus and washboard abs and rock hard bodies are the best she says. She is not in the body of her except well trimmed pubic hair, but hairy guys are certainly concerns out of the picture as far as Janet. Mason takes itlovely if a guy rims her ass and licks it well, saying datze cums so hard licking good ass. She praises her husband Steve in it say he is a real man ass and loves pleasuring her ass. The number one kink Janet gets off cum. She loves the sight, smell, taste and feel of cum all over. After someone their cock and cum jerk her from head to toe always leaves soaked her pussy.
Janet Mason is a woman who has her life porn evermade since the 1990s and still has no plans to retire. She has performed in more than 200 titles to date and has directed nearly 70 too. She has performed in numerous personal and professionally produced fetish lesbian and hardcore movies too. Perhaps her most famous work alongside her own videos, the many lesbian films she appeared Girlfriends Films. Whatever the reason though, its popularity has only increased ever didever since they first went live in 1998 and should continue to grow straight without retirement in sight. Now Aleen of top MILF porn stars of her era, Janet Mason stars in this exclusive Askjolene free porn tube videos collection and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

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