Holly Halston

Holly Halston is a porn star that has become very popular in the MILF niche. Born on New Year's Eve of 1974. Father Time has been very kind to this sexy blonde in Hollywood, California, even as they advance in age they are still one of the most popular MILF performers and hisses across your screen in any new sexy performance! Holly Halston is only 5 feet tall and weighs 94 pounds, including a huge set of tits as part of its enhanced 36DD-20-32 measurements!
California babe as hot as they come, and her MILF films prove that sexual experience has its advantages. Holly has several tattoos, including one on her left bicep, a fairy in her right forearm and three other tattoos of oriental characters. Holly Halston began catching the attention of men in early adulthood when they first started to strip in a Las Vegas nightclub.
In 2001, at the age of 27 she began her porn career, with astarring in over 120 XXX hardcore titles, many of them with her involwassen roles of sexual seasoned characters involved looking to satisfy their sexual desires with less experienced fresh looking studs. She has worked for many top studios and specializes in the crossover between glamor centerfold work and raunchy hardcore action XXX video.
A top online company called Holly Halston "the most coveted MILF in porn." She has also modeled andposed for a number of leading photography websites where she shines in beautiful pictorials and photo sets. While staying busy performing, she managed to find time to get married to pornstar Troy Halston. She kept her busy schedule, even as her family grew and in 2007, she and her husband hosted a radio show on KSEX online radio called "The Neck Tons :. Provoked and Uncensored" The couple was known as one of the only monogamous couplesin the industry, and that is how they kept their entire marriage of ten years, appearing together in more than 150 movie releases. She wanted her fans and the porn industry that porn stars can marry, remain monogamous and still have fun show with sex. Her goal was the best woman director and writer she could be and her fans could not get enough of this beautiful cougar get knocked out! Some fans love the fact that she only did scenesher husband, portraying the good woman gone bad. Her fans delight in her amazing DD breasts, which accentuate her petite frame. Holly Halston also thinks she did something in the porn industry that no one else has done ever and that is to perform with only one other co-starred for eight years straight, couples portray so vividly and sexually arousing partners rather tired and bored as most movies make it seem.
They always feltboth at the time it makes perfect sense professional work only with each other, because Troy Halston was to go into the lead and was still focused on the work in front of the camera. It was not a personal decision, but it is a business, until 2008, when the couple decided to go their separate ways, leaving Holly Halston free to perform with anyone opgelost.Hoewel after her marriage her craving for all kinds of hardcore, keeps them in theparticularly to take it back and have a great time doing scenes with a variety of male stars. Her favorite sexual act is sucking big cock and stroking big dick between her huge breasts. She also enjoys her bisexual video performances with girls like Phoenix Ray, Cali Winters, Teanna Kai and Ayana Angel in a lot of steamy lesbian scenes. Holly Halston will consider well written in every scene, while the scriptis. Right awaynatural love of sex, blonde green eyed stunner certainly found her calling in the porn industry, which allowed her to make her sexual desires and her inner exhibitionist ontketenen.Ze also formed her own company called Halston Productions and created her own line XXX hardcore videos. The first title to be released under her production was titled "Tea Party Holly's." Ms. Haston feel that she is one of the pioneersthe category MILF, which started in the business as a mother of three children, even before a MILF category. Holly is not a big fan of the MILF title, because she thinks it lowers the elegant beauty of older women.
HulstHalston also believes that everyone in the porn business will have the responsibilities and obligations should accept this with him. She believes that condoms should be used on all production sets. She thinkscondoms are something all porn stars must be using not because of a legal status, but as a matter of responsibility persona.
The blonde starlet is hoping to be nominated for an industry award one day and be recognized for her decade-long career. If they are made to do a scene, she comes to Porn Valley for about four or five days a month. She tries to do two scenes a day if they can pull it off. For the restof the time, she works her personal website and stays connected to her fans via social networks. If they do not perform, they enjoy the domestic side of her life and loves home and bake verblijven.In a time when most porn stars, especially the more experienced ones, go slow, Holly Halston is not going to stop anytime soon . With incredible energy and stamina, they will continue to perform for her fans and a way to keep themendorsed by drinking a lot of carrot juice. Of course you can see the more interesting ways she remains confirmed in more than a dozen free Holly Halston porn tube videos here Askjolene along with nearly a dozen picture sets to see exclusive collection. See for yourself why she is respected by many experts as the most sexy MILF in the world today!

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