Gen Padova

Gen Padova is a white porn star, who hails from the Southern California region of the United States and has an Italian heritage. She was born under the astrological star sign Leo has all the typical characteristics of this sign. She has strawberry blond hair and beautiful brown eyes. Its length is a petite 4 feet 11 inches and weighs 94 pounds. By measuring her body 33B-22-34 she is really a petite woman with an all-natural figure. She has only one tattooon her body, which is a Celtic knot design around her right ankle. She has her navel piercing in addition to both ears. The only alias names they are known to be credited by her first name, and Gen Genifer. The first name Gen Padova is a variation of her real first name and the last name comes from the town in Italy where her family comes from.
Prior to entering into the adult film industry in 2001, Gene had already become quite well known in a verypopular commercial website where people would group together around common interests. When she was eighteen, she used to wonder how naked and lingerie would look like. She used her first digital camera to take pictures of themselves that they always get stored on her computer. She realized that the people they probably would like to see in the group, so they began posting galleries of photos. One set in particular she recalls fondly because theyher pussy stick was permeated with a red candle. After she had a major computer crash she lost all her copies vanDeze very early self-shot photos. Someone also hacked her account group and so she could not even go back to people who were telling excluded.
Then she was popular on another website that was specifically adult in nature and was subject to the voyeur niche. She won acclaim from the members of her photographs of herself naked in thepublic. She would go to some of the busiest and most crowded intersections in Los Angeles and strip completely naked, even her uitspreidenkut sometimes, and then shooting himself. This had a lot of porn lovers who are interested in seeing more of her. The thing they do not know is that Mrs. Padova was a virgin at this time. It was months later that she finally had intercourse with her boyfriend at his college. She knew she was ready to finally fucked right after theyher pussy was penetrated with the candlestick, but it was a long time coming and was better than she ever imagined it would be.
Zehet soon began making movies for adults and one of the first called "Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 45" and was produced by 4-Play Video in 2001. Directed by Ed Powers movie where Gene had a threesome with Chloe Dior and director Powers. She sucks on his cock in the scene, but not many other sexual activitythe fact that her first time on film. Other early film "Extreme Teen 26" Extreme Associates under the direction of Derek Newblood. Her scene is the third metpartner Mickey G., who joins her on the couch for some kissing and fooling around. She feels his hump and his dick pulls out and stroking it. She kisses his dick and then takes it in her mouth and gives him a nice blowjob. He licks her pussy and slips a few fingers inside also fuck her in missionary position. Afterthey suck him some more to try a few different positions and finally he gives her a facial cumshot to finish the action. She is credited as Genifer in this film. She adds a little fetish work on her filmography with the film "foot traffic 4" of visual images. Mark Wood, the director and her scene partner in one scene. She plays the piano with her feet and wearing a very skimpy and revealing outfit. Mark was there and she gets one of herfeet sucked by him and the other they suck themselves. After licking the soft bottoms of her feet she stroked his growing cock with her feet and then gives him a good blowjob. As he lies on his back she mounts his hard dick and he fucks her hard in several positions. In one scene he ends up holding her feet together around his dick and strokes himself until he cums. Gen licking his semen from where it lands.
Gen Padova was quite well knownfor her roles in movies which portray some rough sex. It is also one of the parts of her own sexuality that performing in movies helped her discover within themselves. Like many porn stars before and after her debut in the industry, there is something very liberating about working naked for a living. It allows a person to discover her own sexuality and find out what really turns them into an environment such discoveries easymakes. She has a BS in biochemistry and BA in Visual Arts with a minor in philosophy, but they had no idea that she likes to rough sex until they have the chance to try it one day. She also has her hard times with health although she is a very health and fitness buff. In fact, she is a certified yoga and Pilates and is even a licensed massage therapist. Her training is specialized in rehabilitation therapy, such as what is known as neuromuscularre-education. Even so she was suffering from a rare and random stroke in early 2013, which is described as a small stroke with aphasia and spasticity.
Gen Padova is still active in adult education, it focuses almost exclusively on its own website. She appeared in more than 208 titles inhaar long and busy career. For porn fans around the world it is already one of the most exciting all natural petite girls in the industry to achieve thepast 20 years, and they hope that they do at least another decade.

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