Eve Laurence

Eve Laurence is a Maryland resident who was born in October 1985. She started modeling at the age of 18. It was not long before she launched her career in the adult entertainment, starring in at least 100 titles before they even turned 20 . are some of her earliest titles "Ass Worship 9", "Harlequin" and "Deep Throat This 19." She also worked for a number of large online porn sites and finally landed a role in VividEntertainment's big-budget parody porn movie "Star Wars XXX."
Her background is a mix of English, Irish, German and Indian descent. They remain good friends with her one-time roommate and fellow pornstar Eva Angelina.
In 2006, Eva played her first anal scene for Jules Jordan's "Ass Worship 9" before deciding to leave the adult industry and go back home. They lead a 'normal life' and her education tried tofollow in the arts. Eve Laurence intended to end with the school of thought to study property rights. However, she worked in a shop and as a receptionist, before realizing that she missed the adult industry, especially running on the camera.
Then, almost five years later, she returned to pornography only as a webcam performer, fucking herself while fans look she was eager to get back to doing what she loved and played occasionally innew XXX video since.
Her comeback scene went so well that they all worked quickly with many of the biggest names in XXX again. Kieran Lee, Xander Corvus and Johnny Sins were already fucking her in the studio regularly. She felt privileged to work with so many top performers after such an unusually long layoff during her bid to have been retired from filth.
Outside adult, Eve Laurence enjoys pursuing her other passion, music. She has anumber of collaborations in the works with big names in the music world. To help her in her career, Eve Laurence hired a famous Multimedia Company in an attempt to cross over porn fame and stardom as a musician. When Ms. Laurence for the first time in porn, she never thought she would find herself standing up and fighting for a cause, particularly intellectual property rights performer, but that is exactly where they ended.
Over thes Eve Laurence has several challenges related to the domain name cyber-squatters. It sounds sexy, but it's not crack the kind of naked with her pussy open Trend eyes as you might think. These are people who are trying to cash in on domain names using the work of others. She has her mission to meet this challenge and put a stop to it because its name is often misspelled by her fans as she made looking at her, and she finds it unethicalfor other entrepreneurs to use the tactics of cyber-squatting in order to profit from their fame and hard work that they are lying there, while strangers to view her fuck with her big tits in clearly on the world!
To address this problem, Eve Laurence created a website to get the word out to fans to be aware and not be fooled by imitators. Her goal is to raise awareness of this issue, which has become commonplace inincrease porn industry. She believes, and many others agree that the performers have the right to their name and other intellectual property rights. She even recorded her name, Eve Laurence, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to protect its rights.
Anyone who tries to use her name or any form of her name violates the trademark. Yet she found that the protection of its rights is not easy, and she says ithas proved very costly. She could find every time they wanted to watch recorded encountered her fucked a handful of domains by cyber-squatters who many of her fans are misdirecting and wishes her all trim its public real places. That is a major reason why they prefer webcam live shows these days, because it allows her more control and be sure imitators can not abuse her fans. To help herfight this battle, they made Eva Laurence Legal Fund and encouraged her fans and everyone to contribute to this goal.
In 2007 Eva Laurence was nominated for Best Sex Scene at the AVN Awards. She loves running and her favorite sexual activity cumming while watching her fans. They can have a real orgasm on camera and she has great tits, but that has not helped her actually winning any awards. Until now, the closest they came was aCouple Award nominations.
Performing is her passion and she is attracted to both men and women. She describes herself as a sweet and simple girl-next-door, but she gets turned out that her fans watching her pleasure herself. Her goal is a happy medium between the fantasies of her fans and find her own, so that both sides let the live show happy and satisfied.
On the fashion front, Eve Laurence houdthet wearing corsets and quitefemale. Eva said her favorite experience during her time in porn came when they experience legendary cumshot Peter North for the first time. He absolutely drenched her face, hair and clothing with one of the largest white-wash sperm loads ever filmed. She enjoys working in porn, because they believe it's the best job in the world and her career regret is that they lack the opportunity to fuck Jesse Jane has had on film.
Eve LaurenceeenVeel set goals for themselves, including getting an exclusive studio contract, doing a feature dance world tour and continue with her music aspirations. She is also thinking about opening a high-performance car mechanics shop for all girl. She is also interested in going to go back to school to study psychology and perhaps one day she would like a personal trainer. They stated that they have a 142 IQ in a fewinterviews and they certainly seem to be a very smart sexy lady. Kanbekijk you all the best Eve Laurence porn tube videos for free on Askjolene!

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