Donna Red

Donna Red is an African-American pornstar coming from the city of Fort Worth, Texas. Her hair is black and her eyes are brown and she is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Weighing about 134 pounds, she has body measurements of 36D-27-45 and is considered a big booty girl for sure. There are no implants or other surgical improvements in her body. There are a couple of tattoos on her body all in the first two pink flowers on her left breast, a design on herleft shoulder blade, top linksdij and she also has a bed of flowers in front of her right thigh. While she does as body art in the form of tattoos they have no choice but to piercings in each ear. During her porn career she sometimes known by the alias names Donna Redd, Danna Rood, Erika Kane and Donna Reid. Her zodiac sign is Pisces, but she does not believe in that stuff. "Her career in porn began in 2003, when she was in her early to midtwenty years. Her entry in the company is not well documented, but she is a girl who found herself entering the working world and realize that it is difficult to get through on the entry level salary. After hearing about a friend get approached to work in porn she began to look at local ads. When she one who was looking for sexy black girls with big asses she knew she had gevondenhet something worth exploring. After contactingThe people who ran the ad, let them up and running in one of her first scenes. While filming her first scene, the cameraman does a short interview and you can tell they really nervous. When he asked her about it she says with a laugh that she just wonders who would see the movie and its herkennen.EENEen of those very early films was the movie "Chocolate Cream Pie 3" Afro-Centric which was directed by Van Styles. Her scenea trio and herself as Erika Kane, fellow black female porn star Mercury and Devlin Weed. The girls are in bed together and they lick in 69 position with Donna at the top. When Devlin joins cooperate with them to give him a nice double blowjob. He fucks one of the girls from behind and then lying on his back. A girl mounts his hard dick while the other mounts his face and he gives her pussy a good workout tongue. the threechange positions licking lots and the girls always cunt or cock while sharing their husband. At the end he cums right inside a pussy in keeping with the theme of this series. "It is generally believed that Donna changed its name to the original stage name Erika Kane because there was use another black pornstar. The last name Red is believed an abbreviation for "Redbone" urban slang which means someone who isblack, but generally light skinned and believed mixed-race to be. When she first started making movies and told her mother about it, she was not happy to say the least. There was a long period in which the two barely spoke, but eventually things turned around. Probably the fact that Donna never fell had a lot to do in a party lifestyle. Often when a new girl started doing porn and making bigsalary for the first time in her life, she will tend to get a little loose with their money and party with lots of friends. Donna is always more reserved and reflective and tend to save rather than spend beyond really did well with her mother. "A surprising number of friends they have told her had in high school that she are approached and the temptation to do porn films. Some of them have gone so farto pose nude but she is the only one she knows in her class who was actually full of hardcore porn. Insofar as Ms. Red is concerned, it's either do or porn fuck a lot guys anyway without even a decent date to half the time. At least go professional means they medically checked along with its potential partners per month. That is something that rarely happens in "public" non-porn performers sometimes by performersreferenced. A few of her close friends are heavy in the swingers lifestyle and one of them came down with a medical problem at a point in its recent past. This is a concern that they almost completely taken off the table by the adult business and she says that many people would never believe maarhet is waar.EENDonna is as skilled with the pussy as she is with the cock and she shows well in the movie "Shawty's Pussy Tales 3" the Candy Shop.Released in 2009, this film was directed by Phil E. Blunt which pairs her with Luscious Louis in the last scene of the film. The pair is in the bedroom wearing sexy clothes when they start exploring each other's bodies with their hands. Soon get their tits out, they get a taste of black nipples immediately. Soon Donna is going down between her friends legs and licking her cunt and this is followed by swapping positions. They play withdildos and next after fuck each other with them lick from top to bottom. A strapon fuck in last place and she gets that feel hard toy deep into her pussy. Her image on the DVD box cover for this film too. "Donna Red, recently the company has retired from making movies and appeared in more than 85 of them during her long career. Also Appearing in numerous photographs and private scenes, she is very popular among those who likebig black booty. One of her more recent releases was called "Racks on Blacks 2 'Black Market Entertainment. Askjolene has all of the best scenes ever conducted by this big black pornstar so be sure to see it right away!

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