Dillion Harper

Dillion Harper is part Cherokee, part Irish porn star who was born in the city of Auburndale, Florida. Her zodiac sign is Libra and she has black hair and beautiful brown eyes. Its length is measured at 5 feet 5 inches and weighs only about 115 lbs. Her body measurements 32D-24-36 and her body is completely natural. Her body is free of arts, such as tattoos and piercings. Miss Harper is known by only a few alias names Dillon and Dillon Harperto be. her ethnic background is Irish, and they have a lot of growing up in Gainesville and in Yankeetown both located in Florida.
Her career in porn began in 2012, when she was in her early twenties. During her high school years she had to Health Academy and doing internships at various locations such as local dentists offices. Her college courses were to have discovered in Oral and except that they are the world of sex and was really drawn inthe. When she wasnegentien years she was doing some nude webcam work from her own bedroom. For some extra money, she says, but she was working as a waitress in a local restaurant at the time. When she was laid off during the declining economy, she and her friend decided they would advertise themselves naked and adult working on a popular classified advertising website. A retired porn performer to contact her by one of thoseAds only a few hours later and after a long gesprekZe was en route to her first porn movie set. Her first job was for a website that was based in South Florida.
One of her first films was called "She's So Cute 4", which was produced by Digital Sin studios in 2012. Her scene is the fourth on the disk and starts the action wearing pink lingerie. While she briefly interviewed before starting the sex, she talks about where she comes from andhow she wanted to earn a living working in porn. Her pussy play gets the attention of her scene partner Mr. Pete joins her on the bed. They kiss and make him feel her nice big tits and then he licks her cunt while she moans and grinds against him. After pulling his dick out she does a nice job of sucking and stroking it before deepthroating the whole thing. Installation him she bounces up and down on his thick dick. While fuck her from behind, he rubsher clit and makes her squirt, followed by a cumshot all over her pretty ass to bring the scene to a close.
During an interview she gave about a year in her career, Dillion remembers what it was like filming her first scene. Even though it was her first scene, and she had never before watched a porn video, she said it was actually pretty easy. Explaining that she had done the nude webcam work had ever had sex in the room with anotherperson and she was not shy. Plus the only people who were there during the shoot was filming the person and another photographer taking pictures. She even refers to it as relaxing! Say they were very honest and she felt comfortable telling them what they do and do not want. Its first work was filmed in South Florida, but when they got some work in Los Angeles. Her decision once she arrived there permanently, which meant she left herapartment, car and everything else back in Florida. Her explanation was that it seemed like the perfect opportunity to just start all over again and because she was only in her twenties she knew she could do it. The first few months she lived in hotel rooms, but eventually settled into an apartment.
Dillion personal life was more difficult to treat because they came from a very conservative family. It does not have the intention of living a lie, she told herparents what they did for a living from the beginning. According to what is reported in her interview, her mother is generally OK with her decision, hoewelzij not like. Her father, on the other hand, has reportedly not spoken to her since that time due to its strong disapproval of pornography. Ms. Harper is very happy that her mother still support and hopes that one day even be around her father. In her personal life is the same boyfriend who herhelped decide to try the adult industry in the first place. He appreciates that just work for her and she comes home to him in the end. They seem to really have a good relationship in that respect, and he asks her or almost never show jealousy. They normally do not watch her scenes together, because it makes her feel a little weird, but she is sure that he watches and jerks of her scenes as his own.
had in 2013Dillion a role in the movie "This is not Star Trek XXX 3" produced by Hustler Video and directed by Axel Braun. Her first scene is in the movie and her partner Evan Stone who plays Captain Kirk in the movie. Her role is a lieutenant and continues as he reached around her and starts playing with its beautiful natural tits. Then he bends her over and spreads her pussy before sliding a couple of his fingers inside. Sucking and strokinghis cock comes next and she does so with great enthusiasm. He fucks her pussy and her body following not beautiful as she takes a pounding. At the end of the scene, he stands up and cums on her face as zelikt it as soon as possible.
Dillion Harper is still an active pornstar and she currently has 94 movies in her filmography. It feels like Ms. Harper has actually just begun, and if this official collection of Dillion Harper sex videos is Askjolenean indication of the future, we can not wait to see what this girl wanted to do next!

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