Claudia Valentine

Claudia Valentine is a Latin American porn star who was born in Newport Beach, California. Her constellation Gemini and shares characteristics with those of this sign. Her hair is dark brown and has brown eyes too. Standing 5 feet 6 inches tall she weighs about 120 pounds and has a body measurements of 34D-27-33. She had some help with her figure out some breast implants. There are a couple of tattoos on her body with a being the words "Daddy'sGirl "located on debinnenkant of her left wrist. A green frog design on the outside of her left calf and inside of her right wrist, the words" remember one "with a little red heart. The only parts of her body, piercings her earlobes. She is known by several aliases during her career, which Cladia Valentine and Claudia are.
When she was entering the thirty was the year 2007 and this was when her careerporn star got off the ground. Prior had been working on her porn career Zeals model swimwear and fitness and was very accustomed to wearing skimpy clothes and posing with sexy expressions in front of a whole film crew. According to an interview she gave on the subject of its entry into porn, she said that one day she decided to make the leap to movies with nude pictures come naturally afterwards. One of the first movies "MILF Cumpies" ofVoodoo House, which was directed by Jonalungus. Her scene is the fifth in the film her partner Danny Wylde. The scene opens with her outside wearing a very sexy low-cut dress and sitting on a swing. Teasing the camera that she enters the room and draw some more while Danny joins and starts playing with her body. She gives him a blowjob before they fuck and the action ends with a creampie in accordance with the theme of the film.
Alsofilmed in its debut year was the film "Son Of Blackzilla" Bone Digital. This film was also directed by Jonalungusen in this one he pairs Claudia with Derek Skeeter in the first stage. The action begins on the street where he picks her up after she agrees to go out on a date with him. Soon she rubs his crotch and pulling out his dick a good suck. The camera captures her some good angles as she kneels and sucks on his stiff black cockwhile making eye contact with him. He carries her to the couch, where he slips his big hard dick in her cunt and gets her start to moan. as others screener positions she sucks him some more and then rides his dick while the camera shows her bouncing ass. After some fucking orgasm is the time for the face and he leaves her with a huge load she starts licking busy.
During an interview Claudia gave a few years into her career, she wasasked about her great physical fitness. She says she is a big fan of cardiovascular exercise. Going on to say that every morning she was asked to elaborate, ofgaan walking for a change of pace. Having this as an option they can decide every morning keeps things from being too monotonous for her and she recommends it to others. In fact, she really has no other hobbies they different from physical fitness and good nutrition can call. To her ownears, it sounds boring, but the results of its most zealous personal training is worth it. Even in high school she was a cheerleader with a hot body and yes, they even dated the quarterback ofthe football. They did not have sex, but she talks only about to, but not including prom night, so maybe something special happened on that occasion.
Miss Valentine says that sex is something she enjoys tremendously clear and for those afterthink about how porn stars you really love what it is that you'll have to do. For as much as some people like to say that porn is fake and that they are just professional actors, every second of her sex scenes really aanhaar and not an acting job at all. The only acting she's ever done in a porn movie in positions where she has some speaking parts. The sex part of pornography is as real as anyone else sex. The main difference isthat a camera or two rolling at all times and the people are not ashamed of how they look. A feature she performed in was a parody of a horror movie called "The Whores Have Eyes" and they had some speaking parts in it. In this movie she was really nervous because she did not know that it's a parody of a real movie at first and they had never seen the original. Her part was still played well and is perfectly in keeping with the rest of themovie.
If she had her way, she would like to work with all of the most popular porn stars in the business, but they also want to do what the fans want them to do. When asked how long they intend a pornstar she replies that it is completely up to the porn fans out there. Langals so they keep looking at her, she will continue to suck and fuck and lick, because she loves doing it all.
Claudia Valentine was still performing in porn movies and sex scenesToday 122 movies in her filmography at this point. One of her more recent titles is "White House Orgy" which was released in early 2014. Askjolene more hardcore sex scenes of this great pornstar waiting to be seen and many more scenes are added daily.

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