Brooke Hunter

714 Brooke Hunt Reen Brooke Hunter is a porn star who was born in Los Angeles, California area under the zodiac sign of Pisces. She has beautiful green eyes and blond hair. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches and weighs just around 135 pounds. Her body measurements 36D-24-36 and a breast augmentation procedure is the reason why they have such a busty figure. Her skin is never marked with tattoos, but she does have a few piercings. Her labia and clit hood in both the sport studsand diamonds. She only used her full stage name, but was credited with only her first name Brooke in some they projecten.EENToen her start in the porn film industry she approached her thirties and the year 1999. Prior to her pornstar career she was in business Entertainment Management and worked as an account manager in Beverly Hills. She says in an interview published online that some of its customers were top stars from the Rat Pack eraHollywood. From there she moved to another agency that was managing rock and roll bands, including Motley Crue, Pat Benatar and others. She had to verluidtdie are responsible for setting up their tour buses, set up their tour dates and taking care of their personal assistance. As she tells it, it was a very busy time for her and something she worked sixty hours a week in the office. Unfortunately Ms. Hunter came down with thyroidproblem that put her on disability. However, Brooke was not the type to ever miss a day so work sitting at home was not good for haar.EENEen of her friends worked in a live internet chat feed where they just had to sit there, chatting with boys and slowly get naked. She would masturbate for the camera. Her friend suggested that Brooke start something do since she was on disability anyway. Ms. Hunter says she thought she was an exhibitionist anywayand even a voyeur, so why not give it a try? When she started doing, she was really looking at themselves in the monitor enposeren. Brooke Hunter thought she looked pretty good and they had a great time too. This is when they first feel they should try doing a porn movie and see how it works got out. At the time Brooke already in a committed relationship with a porn performer Don Hollywood when she was in the company and they often played together at the start of herXXX career before later trouwen.EENDe first film appeared in was called "Dirty Dave's Sugar Daddy 19", which was produced by Fallen Angel and directed by Dave Cummings. She is with her boyfriend Don Hollywood director Cummings in a threesome scene. The action starts with only Dave and he licks her pussy and her fingers. She sucks his cock next and he fucks her side saddle style and then from behind as they kneel. Don joins them and takes themhis cock in her mouth while getting fucked and the three trade places and positions with her always a dick in her mouth while the other fucks her. She takes Don's dick in her ass at the scene as well and even plays with a dildo before it's all over. In the end, the two guys cum all over her big tits. Brooke recalls that she and her husband stayed in a hotel the night before and she was so nervous she did not sleep. Once the action started, she knewimmediately that this was going to be her career for toekomst.EENRond same time Brooke began to appear in films, she began dancing function. It started when she visited a club in Glendale, where a friend of hers with. The people working there told her once she well because she has to provide for the adult film industry. She was not sure she could do it or not, but Don told to simply there and dance and she did. She later recalled thatit was very natural to her, even though she had never even geprobeerddansen like that for fun. As a self-described former tomboy who rode dirt bikes and played sport, it was a big change for her and she loved it. Be dressed in sexy clothes and lingerie and then get it all out, while teasing the crowd one of its biggest liefdes.EENHaar advice for aspiring porn stars were to exercise all of the first home, so you know whatyou can do. If you do not do at home then the general rule is not to try to do it on film. She also says to make sure you really want it bad, because you can not take it back. Once you have signed the forms and fucked on film, it's not yours so sure of your career choice. She even goes on to say that if you just get into the porn business for money, then do not. If you do not really it may liquidate in sex as anyother job where you just clocking in and out after working just hard enough to avoid layoffs. should be your whole heart into it. Finally, make sure you have an agent who will work, but will not get your money. You can contact modeling yourself and feel they uit.EENBrooke Hunter began directing films in 2003 and made it a mission to get as many credits screen as possible while working in the industry. Her work ethic of its managementdays is still with her and she is known to improve tirelessly and sends her career with little rest. She and her now ex-husband Don even hosted a radio show on KSEX titled "Tits and Dick" for a time. She went to perform in 2009 after appearing in over 243 films and is still a fanfavoriet here Askjolene you the best Brooke Hunter videos can show ever!

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