Brittney Skye

Brittney Skye blonde beauty started in the porn industry at the age of 22. Her story is similar to how many girls started in the business. She took some photos of themselves and sent them to a modeling agency, where she immediately received a call back. But the similarities with other pornstars end there as she has proven over the years that she has what it takes to stand above the rest. Born in Los Angeles, California in 1977, was BrittneySkye known as "horny" girl in school. Boys and her love for snowboarding kept her quite busy when she was growing up, so they do not have much time for school and not very often attend. Before going into the adult, she designed bedrooms and worked for a store in California, but never earned much money.
Brittney was very active in the porn industry between 2001 and 2009, and more than 400titels, many of them for Shane's World. Alsoshe directed to five titles between 2003 and 2006. Since entering adult, has always been her goal for a lot of money, which they accomplished while having fun at the same time. Brittney Skye has shot for several leading companies mature and conducted hundreds of scenes of anal sex, for pipes and creampie internal cumshot. Some of the big brand companies she has shot to include Vivid, Adam and Eve, West Coast Productions,New Sensations, 3rd Degree, Devils Films, Smash Pictures, Zero Tolerance, Wicked Pictures and Ninn Worx. The porn industry has become more of her privately in her real life. Before pornography, she said was more social, but that does not mean she was not sexually. Before going to mature, she said she once had sex in the garage while living with her mother because she was horny and wanted to do it really fast.
Skye is a hardcore performer who dingy and dirty forCameras krijgt.Ze knows how to get her excited partner with its perfect smooth skin, measuring her tight body 32D-23-34, and her delicious cunt. She will suck and fuck men or women with the same intensity. Best of all she knows what works for the camera and will at once on three boys while blindfolded that's what it takes to fully awakened her fans.
Strung, hidden, gagged and dominated swallow loadscum bukkake porn multiple partners, trust opBrittney Skye to give it all they have. She loves do threesome, interracial and bondage. Even in real life Brittney Skye loves to share her husband with other girls, and according to published reports, they prefer an open relationship. Her pussy is constantly crave action and makes sure he gives it as hard as she wants to take it. She admits that she's not much partying, but theylikes to masturbate a lot. She enjoys especially sitting on her couch, watching her big television and playing with her clit for hours. In terms of what kind of guys she prefers, she loves blond hair and blue eyes, but what really gets her wet the bad-boy types who always cool and take charge. When it comes to sex, Brittney Skye is submissive and loves the man to take control, but she is a Scorpio and wants Watze know, that's a fucking lot.However, she is hard to please, and the man has really great to win her over. She prefers a penis that is short and thick as her G-spot really close up front and a little shallow.
In 2003, Skye caused a stir during the final round of the US Open Golf Championship when she ducked under a boundary rope and ran on the putting green at Olympia Fields Country Club. She was topless at the time and had an ad for an online casino written onher chest. She tried a flower to one of the competitors, a golfer named Jim Furyk before being arrested presentation.
When going out, she does not mind being recognized by her fans, but it is strange to her when she is with someone of her family and a fan to her and wants an autograph. She noticed that girls tend to do it a lot more than guys to recognize some reason. Many of them will come to her and sayhow much they love her.
her three favorite porn films of all time "Nacho's Back 2 Evil", "Bella Loves Jenna" and one of its own "Brittney's perversions." She enjoys watching herself on camera, because she has so much fun at work, and they will often look to remind her films how much fun she had while she masturbates in private. If she could have sex with any mainstream actor, she would JamesGandolfini, Colin Farrell and Jarrod Leto choose according interviews.Maar she also likes girls and would like to fuck Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra. Her only real mainstream exposure is modeling she did for a Mixed Martial Arts clothing company based in Rancho Cucamonga been.
In 2006 she won an AVN Award for Best Couple Sex Scene in "Porn Star" with Tommy Gunn. In 2010, Maxim magazine named her one of the top 12 female stars in theporn.
Brittney has several tattoos with crescent moons, clouds and stars on her body. There is eenop the back of her neck, a band around her right bicep, another with the words "Simply Believe" on her left forearm, the numbers "6-24-6" in her left wrist, and a rose above her left ankle.
One of her favorite things to do when not fucked is watching horror movies like "Chainsaw Massacre." While she is notgetting fucked on film almost as much lately, she is still very active and connected to her fans through vanverschillende online social networking websites. Now you can see her best performance absolutely free with Brittney Skye porn tube videos published here Askjolene!

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