Ava Taylor

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Ava Taylor is a newcomer to the adult entertainment industry, which just began performing in 2014. Small, beautiful and sexy as they come up, Ava seems poised for a rapid ascent to fame porn because she is already in demand from some of the top production companies in the industry.
Ava Taylor looks Get particularly when wearing her glasses, which give her a sexy nerd look that is perfect for playing roles as cute college coeds and girl-next-door types.Avamaakte a splash in one of her first scenes shot for Amateur Allure that many oral action and camera angles really stressed featured Ava's tight ass, beautiful face and luscious lips. Ava says she incredibly nervous leading up to the scene, but judging by the way her partner reacts to the feel of her lips and tongue working his cock, Ava successfully channeled the nervous energy into giving a hell of a blowjob. At oneCurrently, her partner tells Ava zehet to make his toes curl with her expert fellatio, and Ava just smiles and increases the intensity of her sucking.
Another performances Ava Taylor that much buzz generated was her appearance in Evil Angel's Brand New Girls, a scene shot mostly from a POV angle cock sucking long Ava pieces using a vibrator, bounce covers her ass for the camera, and general working partner in afrenzy with her oral sex skills and solid, muscular body. You get to see Ava doing her thing, both in and out of her distinctive black frame glasses, and she looks fantastic in both directions - especially when her face is covered with a thick load of hot sperm!
Despite her inexperience and occasional nervousness, Ava Taylor always turns in an outstanding sexual performance. You get the feeling that they made much earlier, off-camera, in theespecially when it comes to cum swallow. Many girls who are new to the industry kind of shrinkage or gag when it's time for degeld shot, but not Ava. Far from being a cum-dodger, Ava rounds eagerly sperm as a pro, and the only reason they move so much as an inch, while the cum raining down to ensure that they capture as much of it as possible in her mouth on her face and seemed like they did not want to waste a single drop to let it hit the floor.(Though if so, she licks just off the ground, anyway.)
Not surprising for a girl who grew up holding in south Florida, Ava Taylor go destrand. Depending on her mood, she would take to enjoy the waves for some boogie boarding, or just lay out in the sun beams at her trim, fit body a beautiful bronze color. And while no porn shoot scenes there so far, Ava says she is certainly no stranger tohaving sex on the beach, adding that there is nothing quite like the rhythmic sounds of the ocean to serve as a soundtrack for making love in the sand.
While the characters she plays often require Ava Taylor to this girl to act somewhat superficial and naive, the screen off a thinker who likes everything from literary classics and acclaimed American novelists to read the latest non-fiction biographies. She also devouredthe works of many great philosophers, and in conversation, she is much more likely to focus the conversation on current events or important questions of theology and cosmology than it is to tell you about her day shopping at the mall. Her left hip is embellished with text tattoo that reads "Compared to all, we have nothing," which is a good reflection of Ava's thoughts on the meaning of humanity in the broader context of the infinite universe.
When asked about her favorite sexual positions, Ava Taylor responds emphatically. "Face down, ass up" She loves to be fucked from behind, and not just because of the way it feels; she knows how damn good she looks like she fucked in that position, and admits that she is known to masturbate to her own work, with particular pleasure in stimulating her clit at the same rate that it is fucked on the screen. Ava says that the memory of the sensationsshe felt as she fucked in the studio reinforce the pleasure she gets from her fingers and toys while she rubs one for himself.
Instead of making her a pessimist or cynic, Ava Taylor says her interest in the field of thought, such as existentialism and stoicism gave her a more positive outlook on life with "a given, and endowed haaroprechte rating anytime "She sees working in porn as fullyline with its outlook, saying that people should always try to do what they love for life, and because she loves sex, working in porn just makes sense. - in addition to being a hell of a lot of fun, of course!
As Ava Taylor tells the story, she lost her virginity in a car parked in a corn field behind a football stadium where there was a game going on. In addition to the sensatievan being her first time,Ava says she got off on the idea that she and her lover could be discovered by their classmates. It was the beginning of an exhibitionist impulse that its course is very good as a porn star. Now she does not have the fantasy of being seen having sex; every time she films a new scene, they'm sure thousands - or even millions - the pleasure of watching have to work.
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