Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera was born in New York City, USA and is part Japanese and part German by heredity. She was born under the zodiac sign of Leo, and has black hair and brown eyes. Before she had her first breast implants she was a B cup, but then they measured 36C-26-36, for a beautiful hourglass figure. Her length has been reported in 5 feet 9 inches which means they are often more than 6 feet tall, while wearing her sexy high heels, and her weight is quotedright at 110 pounds. She has no known tattoos as of this time and has only one body piercing that left her lips.
Asia studied piano while growing up and are naturally gifted and a hard worker, she was invited to Carnegie Hall to play before reaching the age of majority. For those who are curious, they played classical scores by Lecuona (Malaguena) and Bach (13th Invention) mostly. Carrera also English teacherin Japan before most people even start attending college. It should come as no surprise after reading dezedat Asia is a member of Mensa with a reported IQ of 156 and academic performance that simply make another statistic number.
Asia reportedly ran away from home because of pressure from her parents in the direction of increasing academic success and never be allowed to socialize with her peers. She found places and people tostay with but she could manage to time, even reportedly sleeping in a tent for a while until she learned the state was homeless and placed her in foster care. On her eighteenth birthday, she ran away from the home as well, knowing that they only needed to make ends meet until the autumn, when they would be present at Rutgers University on a full academic scholarship.
While attending the university in Asia was nearly homeless and turned to stripping purely as a way tosome money to live on. She quickly became one of the most famous and highly paid strippers in New Jersey and decided to quit school to concentrate on earning money. She had learned the homeless importance of a strong and stable earnings and savings. After talking with a friend about the adult film industry she moved to Los Angeles to try to break into the porn business. She was cast in a vignette style video called"Radical Affairs Video Magazine 7", which is a photo shoot style solo video only. When she met producer and the final first husband Bud Lee threw her right into a hardcore film and her adult movie career took off in earnest.
Starting her full-time career in the adult film industry in about 1993, Asia made a handful of films in its first year and about twenty in its second year. This leads her to received AVN (Adult Video News)Performer of the Year Award for 1995. On her personal filmography page, it refers to the 1994 film releases, entitled "CineSex" and "CineSex 2" below its all time to have acted favorite movies. Both films were produced by Cal Vista and were led by Michael Zen. Many of defilms which various awards acted Asia were nominated in 1995 and was personally nominated for AVN Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film1996 "Comeback", released by Vivid studios.
Asia not only acted in adult films, but wrote all the scenes and scripts for them already in 1995. On her website she says she wrote the Wall Street scene in the movie "Corporate Affairs". In this scene she had to write lines on famous investor Warren Buffet, which eenpersoonlijk her idol. She admires how a down to earth man though he enormous financial success in a highprinting exhibition atmosphere has remained. Her admiration was remarkable as a book in 2008 titled "The Snowball :. Warren Buffett and the Business of Life"
Not shy about her personal life, Asia says she had "a lot" of plastic surgery. It involves two nose jobs, the second to fix it right because according to her own words, the first doctor was a quack. She had breast augmentation surgery and has since renewed themtwice to scar tissue build-up which is apparently prevents repair a fairly often. Finally, she had liposuction on her thighs and on her abdomen.
Carrera won an AVN Award for Best Couples Sex Scene for her work with co-star James Bonn on the movie called "Search for the Snow Leopard" put through Ultimate and directed by Nick Orleans. This film also took home deAVN award for Best Cinematography. The story is about a scientist in AsiaLooking for snow leopards in love unexpectedly and obviously has played a lot of sex. 2001 Asia brought her AVN Hall of Fame, which was a well deserved honor. XRCO (X-Rated Critics Organization) initiated her into his Hall of Fame of its members the choice in 2006 after her retirement from the adult film industry.
Asia Carrera, sometimes in the film credits Asia is known, Carera Asia, Asia Carerra, Asia Carrera and Jessica Bennett, went on to marry directorBud Lee in 1995 and the marriage lasted until the fall of 2003. She retired from the adult film industry and remarried in late 2003 to the nutritionist and author Don Lemmon, who tragically died in a car accident in June 2006. Asia later gave that they turn to alcohol during these difficult times and openly asked her website members and the public for donations that helped her. She joined Alcoholics vanAnonieme and works through this addiction. Shesays she has no plans to return to the adult film world, although several compilation video releases and the internet still works to time pop up from time.
After being more than 250 adult film titles in her career, as well as producing and writing, Asia Carrera will always be a favorite that it not only made, but made it on her own. Her personal drive and initiative were the keys to success and still are, and no doubt herfans will be eternally grateful for her efforts.
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