Ashli Orion

Ashli ??Orion is a wonderful Gemini, born in June 1987. She grew up in the beautiful area of ??San Diego, California and found her way to porn valley from there when she started fucking on film at the ripe age of twenty. Have a very sexy and completely natural look neighbor helped Ashli ??to earn a place among the new wave of orgasm porn and prospects destined to become household names in the fantasy world somedaysessions of porn fans everywhere!
Standing five feet four inches tall, and weighing vanin at less than one hundred twenty pounds, Ashli ??Orion maintains its tight body by always eating healthy and sticking to a strict exercise regime. Her petite body 34A-25-38 is a fan favorite among men and women who pornstars prefer small breasts and wide hips for power fucking action.
Ashli ??has added much body art since she started in filth.During her previous films, such as Brand New Faces 9 Vivid, you can see Ashli ??in the days before they tattoos and piercings added aanhaar look. Later sex films show a small star inked on her lower back, a happy smiley face on her right middle finger is handy when she flips a person and a political statement cannabis leaf on her right ring finger to its support for the growing show American marijuana legalization movement . Ashli ??also took theadvice of one of her male costars and added a recent tongue piercing to further enhance her oral sex skills. Now, as she sucks a man or lick the clit of her favorite girlfriends she can add the thrill of small stud at the right moments in her mouth.
Over the years it has become almost impossible to determine the XXX movie really made the first Ashli ??Orion, because they started with such a bang. In 2008,spreading her first year of her legs before a live audience, she made more than a dozen full-length feature movies. Add the fact that every studio has its own schedule and production is possible that the first film released starring Ashli ??Orion is not the first one she filmed.
Trying to establish its own mass audience of loyal fans from 2008 is more difficult for a new amateur porn starlet than before, because the Internet haspossibly so much more to get girls started each year with webcam shows, solo girl sites feature DVD movies and free porn tube sites like Askjolene that provide great locations for new girls to fall. That makes standing out from the crowd and connecting directly with her fans really important Ashli ??Orion. For example, contains her Twitter account for more than 12,000 tweets and works many times a day, so Ashli ??intimate moments and personalthoughts you can share all week.
Ashley Orion has also remained very active which definitely sets her apart from so many other sluts. Although Ashli ??Orion started getting boned for movies in 2008, she has already amassed a portfolio which includes more than 211 feature titles and more Internet-only hardcore videos. That's an average of more than four new films starring Ashli ??Orion each month for the past four years. while otherpornstars and amateur wannabes sit back hoping to become famous, Ashli ??is a fighter gets her pussy pounded every day while earning her quest for immortality strives adult entertainment!
The other thing that has allowed Ashli ??so quickly famous is the fact that she has a reputation among porn verdiendinsiders as a yes girl ", which means that when there is a role available that some sluts wouldreject - Ashli ??says almost always yes and down for the nastiest XXX action. Many of her films include interracial fucking lesbian pussy wet squirting orgasms, deep anal sex and lots of fetish fucking in extreme BDSM scenes too.
Partly because Ashli ??is relatively new, there is not so much personal information is known about her in public. She has done some revealing interviews to get fans out what intimate facts.According to interviews posted online, she has a cunt Shadow named as a pet is very musical and especially enjoys trip hop, 80s pop and electroclash. Her favorite film is Scarface and still they think the sexiest thing about hair is the color of her eyes. Ashli ??reportedly claimed she had sex in the bathroom of fast food restaurants, they try drinking piss, as part of a sexual experience and probably no idea zijheeftwhat pubic hair though, because she has already shaving would feel completely ever since the first couple began to grow in her vaginal mound!
Getting into porn was the easy part for Ashli ??Orion. She was twenty years old and works as a TV production person and editor, while in college. As he said in an interview that she was "broke as a joke and had always believed porn would be a great way to make some extra money. She started reading movie sitesadult and message they boardstotdat the right connections and was fucked as her main career just a few months later.
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