Ariana Jollee

Ariana Jollee, sometimes written or Arianna Jolee, was born in September 1982 and is a come as few famous porn stars of the Empire State of New York. She started fucking on film back in 2003 when she was 21 years old. Now, nine years later she is still strong and she already has amassed a portfolio of more than 564 titles as a porn star and another 10 as a hands-on director.
Ariana Jollee is of mixed Italian and Russian heritage, her 34C-24-34 athleticlichaamreeds supplemented with a few signature tattoos, including an "SF" inside a circle just above her tailbone, a tribal band around her right bicep and the words "Solace in Solitude" under her right arm. They also added a belly piercing a few years ago that seems to come and go from time to time, depending on her mood.
An interesting fact is claimed online that is actually Ariana Jollee is the daughter of a well-known radio personalityWHLI radio from Long Island, New York. Scythe oldest of two siblings and unlike many porn stars they really in adult entertainment as a self-produced amateur starlet. In 2003 Ariana created its own site and loaded with nude photographs of herself as a solo girl, gaining a lot of popularity among fans of amateur action before they started getting noticed by insiders.
Going from a small time website that they themselvesproduced to the top of the food chain in DVD entertainment at the time in 2003, Ariana Jollee wasaangeworven by a production manager of the world-famous Anabolic Video porn studio. Her first few titles were like a professional slut "Nasty Girls 30" and "Spring Chicken 4" which quickly expanded her fan base to include a much wider audience.
In interviews X Cartel and Legend Productions Jollee reportedly claimed she had sexwith more than 400 sexual partners, and that the majority of them were not costars in porn movies. She even goes so far as to say eenverhaal about a time when she allowed herself the focus of a gangbang with 14 firefighters before they ever started making xxx hardcore porn movies.
The vast majority of the porn films, they are made in the Gonzo niche, with little story or plot. Frankly, it seems Ariana Jollee is often too busy sucking cock or gettingfucked in the ass to stop and think about what should its next line of dialogue for a particular film.
Sex is always natural for Ms. cum Jollee wanneerze and finally found its way into the skin biz as a professional fuck, they do not waste any time getting covered in cum. Ariana starred in over 200 films in the first 13 months of her pussy was on the porn market, which proves that she has the rare durability needs a real whore to succeed asshe decides to get boned all day every day for a living.
As a way of celebrating its 21th anniversary Ariana Jollee performed in a twenty man gangbang on the set of the video anabolic Gangbang Girl # 35 The following year, Ariana Jollee was going to break her personal record gangbang by maintaining sixty more men Devils Film 65 Guy Creampie in Prague. That still leaves her about 850 people short of the all time record gangbangLisa Sparxxx, but it still says a lot about her sexual appetite.
In 2004, Ariana Jollee signed a contract with Anarchy Films and Python Pictures become a porn film director. The first XXX movie she directed was the narcissist which some wonkritieken. She later directed the Mayhem series Young Bung. Originally it was planned to direct a performer in the film with Lauren Phoenix, but Phoenix stepped aside due to creative differences with theAriana Jollee the studio was stepped up and took the lead pervert the rest of the production cycle.
Ariana Jollee was named 2004 XRCO "Super-slut" of the Year and earned a female artist of the year nomination and a Best Three-Waynominatie, Best Group Sex Scene nomination and Orgasmic Analyst nomination that year. In 2005, she followed with another XRCO superslut of the Year award, the AVN Awards Best Group Sex Scene for Orgy World 7 nomination andAVN nomination in 2006 for Best Female Performer of the Year.
Often nominated and be able to win prizes at some of the smaller shows, Ariana Jollee struggling to reach the top of the porn and hope to bring in the big prizes or to make a move into mainstream. Instead zijwerd more of an acquired taste for a smaller but fervently loyal community of fans who still keeps her close to their hearts, even if they disappeared from activeservice in smut these days.
There are a few different Twitter accounts claim that the real Mrs. Ariana Jollee, but our attempts to verify the authenticity not yet succeeded. As always, once we verify the real tweets we will put her account here for your convenience as well.
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