Amy Reid

Amy Reid was actually born in Germany as a military brat, but her parents had moved to a base in southern California, so she was raised almost entirely within the United States. As stated in its Xcitement interview: "I'm half French Creole, so I am of course olive oil. So I always skin quite dark. But if I go in the sun I'm really dark. The other half is German." In addition to her tanned skin, Amy Reid is known for havingthat one of the most beautiful all natural body to appear sometime in adult films.
Her 34DD big natural tits are among the finest ever filmed and the fact that they have a small 23-inch waist to a 35 inch bodacious butt provides us with proportions that are only found on most animated stars. The other world dimensions can best be summed up by the fact that although Amy is 5 feet 7 inches tall, she weighs just under 108 pounds. Long enough regardlessleggy, skinny petite enough and pretty enough to be specific just to entice zijnuw any porn fan needs. Adding sexy tribal band tattoo around her left bicep, her right middle finger and her left big toe before piercing her right nostril and stomach - these days Amy is always looking for ways to sexy and fresh for the fans to stay, but her way to becoming a pornstar was probably one of the first.
After high school, AmyReid attended California State Polytechnic University where she studied engineering for two full years. However, a very soft market career had made her question the way they look and some significant changes in the course of her life. "After high school, I went to college and was working two part-time jobs. So I would wake up at 5:00, get a job, go to school, go to another job, then go home and do homeworkand get three hours of sleep every night "Amy said in an interview:" It was a lot of work and it was hard for me to stay focused. So to work so hard and do a good job to look not seem right to me. I would wake up so exhausted. It was too much to handle on my own, plus I was in a bad relationship. "
Sometimes in life opportunities arise from unexpected places, and while most people lack the confidence to make major changes inmake the pursuit of their dreams, Amy Reid has always been kind of a daredevil. As she explained "So a guy approached randomly me and said you could do porn, you're really nice, you could make a lot of money. I had no idea, I hadzelfs never thought about it. But I was so desperate and in need to I was in and I wanted to change my life out of the situation. So I did not know if the change would be better or worse, but I wanted to do something. and pornwas what came my way. "
Amy followed her first casting agent to Los Angeles and claims she never knew she had a good body, because she grew up as a tomboy at an army base. Yet it is hard to believe that she really had no idea how many men and women would like to see the world her hot body fucked in the porn video hardcore action. "I remember when I took off my clothes are ten guys around me and I was bookedFor the whole month there. "Initially Amy to tell her parents that she had decided to become a porn star because she does not want them to talk to her.
Pornstar Amy Reid has claimed that the hard part for her was not the loss of privacy or physical intimacy, which made things difficult in her first few movies fuck was that they did not have much sexual experience before in adult entertainment. She claims she only had twoboyfriends in her whole life to porn, and hadalleen had sex with two men before she started in porn. Assuming these allegations are true, Amy must Reid's first pair of porn tube videos from the tightest cunt, mouth and ass in the porn playing history.
Her first film was Young Ripe Melons # 7, but also have some of her most loyal fans not seen since they use a different stage name at the start of her career. Known as DevinValencia, and later as Amy, it was a while before they decided to take the full name Amy Reid and make it stick. Another peculiarity of Amy Reid's porn career that has her job title scene and has never come close to matching. So far, she has appeared in 197 different titles, including two they Directed. However, she explains in online interviews that she does only about 5 new porn videos every year. get those few videossplit into dozens of compilation films making it seem like they're everywhere, though they caution the possibility of avoiding over-saturating the marktmet too many movies that should her fans think she was completely played out. "You can not flood the gates," she said, "You can not be everywhere It's like how singers lets look if someone brings an album bore the month other people would get from them..."
In accordance withher plan, unlike many other starlets that appear in porn films for many different studios, Amy chose a star contract in October 2007 to become the third grade films. Then in October 2009, when her contract ended, she signed quickly with New Sensations and exclusively released movies with their consent. They even sent two movies entitled Do Me Wet and Riedality New Sensations. She recently took a step toward regulatingits image by launching her own production company called Riedemption Productions.
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Amy Reid finally her first anal scene in Weapons of Ass Destruction # 5, but she is destined always known for having the best all natural body xxx videos - not for being an extreme sex starlet. When asked whether zezou even consider trying double anal she answered quickly: "That seems like it would be painful I could probably do a double anal as you open ass.a lot more than your pussy. But double pussy, there's just nothing pleasant about it. "So while they did leave open the possibility, it is unlikely that they would do something like that in the short term.
Her decision to avoid the extreme edges of the porn is not disuaded fans flock to her critics and experts and insiders appoint her to the awards. Amy won the 2007 FAME Award for Favorite Female Rookie of the 2007 AVN Award for Best Anal SexScene in Breakin '' Em ??In # 9, 2007 AVN Award for Best Tease Performance My Plaything: Amy Ried, and the 2010 AVN Award for Best Couples Sex Scene 30 Rock: A XXX Parody

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